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Based on the awesome ZeroBin project, i hereby give you a lightweight code/text pasting tool with a twist:

  • All the text is encrypted client side before it is uploaded, as a result, it is very discreet and very safe to use.
  • Burn after reading: Spy movie style “this message will self destruct after reading” feature.
  • Discussions: Either anonymously or with a throwaway name, the little icon near the name you picked will make sure that other readers know it’s you.
  • My only change so far is that i removed the ability to create pastes that last for a year or forever.

RELEASE! The KDC PonyPlay rubber bit.

Once again, I took all the time on earth but it was well worth it. As I explained before i ran into a nasty memory outage when doing the finishing touches on the script and had to move a bunch of things around to free enough memory.

This was well worth it, the reduction in memory usage will certainly be useful later.

This bit gag has all the features that the stuffed ballgag had, on top of it, has leverage straps that will appear to connect to the bridle, if you are wearing the PonyPlay bridle. It’s has 3 chain emitters, one that act as a double rein style and the two others are on the shank tips.

It is of course LockMeister compatible, come with a texture and coloring HUD with 64 high-resolution textures. It has a custom speech garbler that I painfully adapted to more closely match the “bit speech”.

Another great “feature” is that unlike a lot of my products, it’s pretty easy to adjust to your avatar, if you ignore the helper prims it’s basically 7 elements and nobody should have trouble (hopefully).

Click here to visit the KDC main store.

Click here to check this product on the SecondLife Marketplace.

Quick bridle update

There was a little bug that would make the HUD output debug information, I’m sorry about this.

Failed to release, but updates

I pushed a moderate update that covers most of the cuffs and collars with various bug fixes. I was about to release the PonyPlay rubber bit… and I ran out of memory in the core script.

So there is that to do tomorrow. Squeeze enough memory to get the bit to work reliably.

Sneak peek, the PonyPlay bit customisation HUD

I thought that I would post a little update, I got all the textures ready and should be able to release tomorrow or Wednesday!


Coding on the weekend?

So yeah… apparently my weekend is so dull that I resort to work to spice it up. Just kidding, i usually love doing what i do.

It’s still work though.

I’m pretty much done with the base bit code, it now detect if the bridle is attached and automatically display the lever straps. This means the bit is effectively a standalone item, you don’t have the bridle, it’s not going to look funky.

I corrected a nasty bug in the touchbound base system which prevented objects to detect sensing points that cannot receive chains, so i will probably end up updating every products once this is done. It’s not a showstopper but it creates an undesired behavior.

For some reason, the bit shank mesh i uploaded was 2000 triangles and, as I discovered today, had an extra hidden “side”, i also completely forgot to optimize it. So i did just that, 900 triangles now and a single side. It also looks a little sharper.

All that remains to do is the customisation HUD, lots of  (texture) uploading, and some tweaking to the garble code to make it more “bit” like, and less “ball” like.

Would you use bit guard/burrs?

I had to redo all the texture renders for the bit today, turn out I forgot a few things, there was a pair of rivet missing from the model ( !!! ) and none of the eyelets for the chin strap were done.

As i was reuploading the models i had an idea and toyed quickly with a few prims to add a pair of bit burrs.

Now for those that don’t know a lot about horses, bit guards and bit burrs are basically washer looking pieces of hard rubber or sometimes leather that are slid on each sides of the bit’s mouth piece.

The bit guards are used to prevent the horse to bite on the bit shanks instead of the mouth piece, bit burrs usually have little rubber teeth or stiff bristles on the side that face toward the horse and are used as a discipline device for horses that resist the action of the reins.

Now personally I’m a big fan of overkill looking ponyplay bridles, with lots of straps, metal pieces, blinkers and all kind of things that gives off a feeling of strict control, so I guess I could make a set of bit guard/burrs that could be attached and detached from mouth pieces a bit like the blinkers on the bridle.

The following pictures show bit guards and bit burrs. This is shown on the rubber bit because i do not have any other mouthpieces ready yet, but it would normally be for metal mouthpieces only, the rubber bit is just too thick for these. Also keep in ming the burrs would be real meshes, not prims, this is only a mockup.

I’m adding a poll on the side to see what everyone thinks.

More work on the bridle bit #3

Another update, texture rendering is done, and the mesh parts are imported in SL. I have to admit it might be a little difficult to adjust that thing, mainly because of the lever straps. However it’s nothing like adjusting a full prim object, here you have several meshes:

  • The mouth piece.
  • The shanks.
  • The chin strap.
  • The neck strap.
  • The lever straps.

And all you have to do is to somewhat make them fit together. All the straps can be stretched in length and width with minimal deformation so that should be easy to work with.

And now, 3 more screenshots so you can see how it looks on me 😀

More work on the bridle bit #2

I worked quite a lot today:

  • Mesh finalized.
  • Unwrapping.
  • Bump maps done.

More work on the bridle bit.

Here, finally more work done!

I’ve redone the chin strap, made new buckles, removed the holes in the bit and the indents on the shanks.

Also a picture combined with the bridle, just to give an idea of what the final look should be like.

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