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Would you use bit guard/burrs?

I had to redo all the texture renders for the bit today, turn out I forgot a few things, there was a pair of rivet missing from the model ( !!! ) and none of the eyelets for the chin strap were done.

As i was reuploading the models i had an idea and toyed quickly with a few prims to add a pair of bit burrs.

Now for those that don’t know a lot about horses, bit guards and bit burrs are basically washer looking pieces of hard rubber or sometimes leather that are slid on each sides of the bit’s mouth piece.

The bit guards are used to prevent the horse to bite on the bit shanks instead of the mouth piece, bit burrs usually have little rubber teeth or stiff bristles on the side that face toward the horse and are used as a discipline device for horses that resist the action of the reins.

Now personally I’m a big fan of overkill looking ponyplay bridles, with lots of straps, metal pieces, blinkers and all kind of things that gives off a feeling of strict control, so I guess I could make a set of bit guard/burrs that could be attached and detached from mouth pieces a bit like the blinkers on the bridle.

The following pictures show bit guards and bit burrs. This is shown on the rubber bit because i do not have any other mouthpieces ready yet, but it would normally be for metal mouthpieces only, the rubber bit is just too thick for these. Also keep in ming the burrs would be real meshes, not prims, this is only a mockup.

I’m adding a poll on the side to see what everyone thinks.

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