Coding on the weekend?

So yeah… apparently my weekend is so dull that I resort to work to spice it up. Just kidding, i usually love doing what i do.

It’s still work though.

I’m pretty much done with the base bit code, it now detect if the bridle is attached and automatically display the lever straps. This means the bit is effectively a standalone item, you don’t have the bridle, it’s not going to look funky.

I corrected a nasty bug in the touchbound base system which prevented objects to detect sensing points that cannot receive chains, so i will probably end up updating every products once this is done. It’s not a showstopper but it creates an undesired behavior.

For some reason, the bit shank mesh i uploaded was 2000 triangles and, as I discovered today, had an extra hidden “side”, i also completely forgot to optimize it. So i did just that, 900 triangles now and a single side. It also looks a little sharper.

All that remains to do is the customisation HUD, lots of  (texture) uploading, and some tweaking to the garble code to make it more “bit” like, and less “ball” like.

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  • Pony Rain:

    Sorry … I am bit thick … how does someone add and remove blinkers if you don’t have access to inventory to rez them?

    Is the bridle something that you will just attach out of inventory?

    Can it be attached without the ponies assistance …

    … I am a bit confused about the blinkers and stuff and how the owner is supposed to attach stuff without the pony’s input …

    Excuse me if I am being dumb!

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