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Bridle bit straps almost done.

After a few morning scares ( my modeling tool would crash upon rendering ) I rebuilt the lever strap (there was a restriction I completely forgot about yesterday) and the chin strap. Added some rivets here and there, buckles and this is where I am.

I’m not entirely sure about this “doubled up” strap style that I used for the chin and lever straps. I think it looks alright but i don’t know…

I think I’m gonna make a more “meaty” buckle for the thin straps, the regular one (scaled down) looks a little flimsy.

I’m going to let this one rest for today and see if I can collect some feedback and comments about it, but otherwise, it’s pretty much ready for texturing.

I might remove the holes in the rubber mouthpiece and the matching indentations in the shanks. As it is now, they are more an annoyance than anything and won’t be visible in the final version anyway.

Little peak on the bridle bit(s) part two

Today i made the rubber bit (pretty easy excepted I had to curve it just enough so the shanks would stay outside of the blinkers. I also did the neck strap and started on the lever strap, this one will appear and disappear automatically whether you are wearing the bridle or not.

I will also have a chin strap. This is so much work compared to regular prims, but the result makes all the difference!

For those wondering why a lot of my “in progress” mesh shots have a checkerboard texture on them, it is because I adjust the uvw map for a constant pixel density on the object and a checker texture is the most obvious way to test it.

Little peak on the bridle bit(s)

Just a little early screen, for those who are not familiar with it this is one of the shanks that goes around the mouth piece.

Fetish love hunt, one week left!

I apologise for the lack of updates, I had a small RL job to do and it kinda took most of my focus this week. Sometimes, i do not function well under pressure.

About the hunt

There is a lot of things to win in each stores, and unlike some of the participating stores I’m actually giving something of value: the TouchBound lined chrome collar. That’s your occasion to try the TouchBound system and see if you like it!

Check the fetish love hunt web page

If you are doing all the shop in the right order, my shop is number #48.

HINT: Gaze deeply into the fire, you might just find something.

Bridle update: Blinker HUD

Little update on the bridle, and as promised it now feature a HUD for the blinkers. It should be invisible by default, and should display blinkers automatically when someone put the blinkers on the bridle.

It will automatically take the colors of the bridle and will lock itself in place ( RLV ) when the bridle is locked.

It’s sized to work properly on widescreen displays up to 16:9 (according to my tests, since i only have a 4:3 display) and any space over this will show as black.

When active, the blinkers should block about 2/3rd of the screen on a 16:9 display. It is now part of the bridle package and should be delivered to everyone through the automatic updater.

Don’t forget to send bug reports if something doesn’t work as it should!

Ponyplay bridle out, and a new documentation.

I kept my promise! (whee) it’s still sunday and I just released the bridle!


Now I did say that I would release it no matter what, which means there is 1 or 2 features I haven’t implemented yet. But that’s allright, I will work on them as soon as possible.

I also did a LARGE update to the documentation wiki, I hope this will help existing TouchBound users and new ones alike. (feel free to give your opinion on the poll)

Nipple ring bug fixed

There was a small bug in the nipple piercing that would prevent the locks to show properly on the right nipple ring.

Bug is history! 😀

The update should arrive through the auto updater.

Coloring hud finished!

The coloring HUD is fully functional and the bridle accept commands from it (if unlocked of course). Blinkers (the leather eye pieces) can be attached and detached using the blinker item (will be provided).

My goal now is to release the bridle before the end of the week, and it will ship (at least for the release) with whatever I have finished in the remaining time.

Left4Dead2 The 6/06/6h/6$ giveaway

I am giving away a copy of Left4Dead2 on SteamGifts, same concept but with a twist:

  • Starts the 6/06 Ends in 6 hours.
  • You must have contributed 6$

Back working on the bridle!

Now that the base code is up to date, I resumed working on the bridle, locking work and so does attaching the blinkers on and off. I recorded some “snap” sound effects for it. I also added the lock nodes as you can see in the picture.

Okay that’s a LOT of locks… i admit.

I still have a bunch of things to make for it, the hud for color change and figure out how i want to make the blinker hud.

Feel free to give your suggestions!

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