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Worked a bit on the meat market reward skins.

So I’ve finished the cuff’s “hazard” stripes for the Meat Market cuffs (If you have been living under a rock lately, it’s a little ‘extra’ I have on my Patreon page)

I still have to do something for the shock tape version, the issue I’m faced with is that, with the side hoops there is hardly any space for the shock tape…

So I think I’ll either make it so the tape is only visible if you hide the rings, or I’ll just run the tape under the rings… and whatever is visible will be visible?

Meat Market Cuff sitrep.

The final textures are complete (~70 total from 256×128 to 512×256, 8 colors, 3 styles), cut and uploaded, they have the same “theme” as the collar obviously: unpainted, clean and worn-out.

I also uploaded the final version of the cuff models ( with proper LODs this time ).

I’ve also almost finished the new “combined HUD” too.

First in-world tests of the cuffs!

As you can see from the first picture, there was some lighting consistency issues in my textures and it didn’t look right at all. I had to re-arrange my rendering setup to get things to look closer to the collar.

The shape works well for the wrists and ankles, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

The last picture is with and without the hoops. (The version with the hoops is darker because of the corrosion buildup around the edges of the part)

Some unwrapping done.

I’m amazed by the number of people who voted, I didn’t expect that many… there is so much support for both options that I think I’ll end up making both.

Now onto the UVmaps, everything is straight and clean, But since the cuff diameter is a lot smaller, some of the UV islands are shorter. I would have re-used the collar textures if I could, but there is a bunch of things that aren’t “quite” the same shape, or at the same place, so I don’t think it would look right.

The ring, and locking shackle are on a separate texture and are identical to the collar’s, so I will just reuse them (that’s a good thing).

I haven’t figured out how to pack the cuffs into (if possible) smaller maps than the collar. I mean… It would make sense, right? Smaller object, smaller textures.

Low poly cuffwork

I wasn’t expecting this many of you all to give me their opinion, that’s crazy! And cool too…

But it also shows that there is a serious demand for both options, so I’ve worked on my low-poly mesh with that in mind.

Ideally, with/without hoop wrist cuffs would use the same texture for the inside and misc parts, and a different texture for the hoop & outer layer.

Some work on Meat Market Cuffs

Basically cuffs with the same proportions, style and fixtures.

I’m not sure if those should have the hoops that the collar has or not…

With the hoops it’s quite pleasant and busy, but it also means bulky, and basically no space for textures or any kind of marking.

Meat market cuffs: With or without side hoops?

  • They look better with plain sides. (38%, 24 Votes)
  • They look better with the side hoops. (63%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 64

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(Not sure that the poll will work…)

And another hat!

I’m almost done with all the styles I wanted to make, maybe one more?

More maid caps

I finished these two yesterday, the little trim is actually alpha masked and can be hidden if you don’t like it.

I distorted the surface on purpose to give it more of a “fabric” aspect.

Maid cap update

Finished a frilly “tiara” style and started a new one.

It should have a “point” in the middle, so more tweaking required.

A handful of maid hats

I was supposed to take a break over Christmas, but I ended up doing a handful of maid hats…

I might end up making a “hat pack” with these. Normal mapped frills work wonderfully on the “pillbox-style” ones, but I haven’t figured a good way to optimize the tiara-style yet.

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