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Final uploads done!

Or well, final until I see yet another problem (hopefully not!)

Big picture gallery today, you can see my 4 lods, from the most detailed to the donut… thing (that still looks enough like a collar). I could have gone lower but I got the complexity roughly where I wanted it.

And a few examples of texture and stud configuration 🙂

Slow rendering…

I don’t have anything to show for today’s update, I’ve been rendering textures for the past ~20 hours or so, before doing this I fixed a bunch of issues with the specular maps and had another color matching pass. I’m sure there was a way to speed up those renders and keep the quality but that will be for another project.

I’m almost certain that those textures don’t have any problems and that I’m not gonna have to do this again (I restarted 3 times overnight already).

Fingers crossed 😀

In-World texture testing

Posting this quickly for today’s update because it will be tomorrow in 30 minutes :3

I’m not entirely happy with the texture definition, I’m probably gonna roll with it, but I’m currently trying to render at 4x resolution to see if I can get it to look any better.

in-world collar test!

I was initially gonna re-use the rings that the vermilion collar uses, but they are a bit too skinny at this size so I made a new one that is a bit smaller and chunkier. I would have used the ones on the pet collar but they aren’t separate pieces for some reason.

In-world it looks a bit bland at the moment I guess, but textures will change that.

I’m still thinking of adding configurable studs, because reasons.

Yes, second update post of the day.

I should have posted yesterday but I missed the deadline. I also didn’t have anything nice to show.

I’ve been color-matching the new leather to the old pieces to the best of my abilities. I’m not gonna claim that it is identical, or perfect but it looks pretty close to the “Classic Leather” feel… I think?

Collar UVs completed and some more shader work.

These UVmaps have a lot of internal “blank” spaces, and while I’m not a huge fan of that, I actually tried to chop it all up further to save more texture space (as shown), but it was never enough to actually justify doing it. It will be fine.

I did a couple of test bakes (full of glitches) but I am fairly impressed by the result already, with no attempts at color correction. I especially like that backing ‘felt’ a lot.

I also did some work to clean up how my materials get mixed, (specifically specularity, environment and gloss maps) which made me to realize that there was a problem in how I was rendering the metal on the grommets. It is fixed now and I think it looks a lot better.

Collar LPM completed, unwrapping in progress!

As usual, this is taking longer than it should, but I am helplessly obsessed with getting everything nice and straight (when it comes to UVs :P)

But look how undistorted my checkerboard texture is 😀

Only a few pesky bits to finish straightening, only because I tried to be EXTRA ACCURATE… for some reason unknown to me…

Good progress on the collar low-poly

Well, “some” progress.

There is still a couple of holes I have to close, 1940 triangles so far.

Oh yeah I also discovered an annoying x-ray bug on Blender 2.90.0 which disappears when you delete/hide other instances of the same mesh. I had to work blind until I figured the solution, that’s always fun 😛

Leather material iterations

After several attempts I finally got the stitches and grommets just where I want them (featuring some node graph madness).

At this stage, it is pointless to continue tweaking materials without a low-polygon model to bake to. So that is my next step.

Making some good progress on detail masks

I think I’m “almost” done preparing those. I had to fix those pesky corners and in retrospective… (you can see a beforer/after) I should just have used a different UV projection there. Oh well.

I’m not entirely sure about it being on the tightest notch but it looks a little odd  with so much strap left if i remove the last hole.

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