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Allen wrenches, and also sounds?

I just finished the mesh for the hex wrenches/allen keys to bolt the collar. The idea is that the logo on the sleeve will tell you wich bolt type it is using.

I SUPPOSE I could remodel the head of the wrenches for each type but this seem a little umm… Overkill.

I did not post about this before but Wednesday I recorded and cleaned up a handful of sounds for the collar, I think it will sound pretty “genuine”.

Bolt wax seals!

I’ve added wax sealing textures to my test setup, I’m still lacking sounds and I also made more memory related changes that I really hope I will not regret.

Tomorrow… I think it’s about time I get on with recording the new sounds and modeling the allen wrenches for this.

More code!

Some good progress today, despite being sick.

  1. Added safety code that causes chains to detach from the mending plate when it is removed from the new collar.
  2. All the tools will leave “lock mode” when attached/detached/rezzed and after 30 minutes.
  3. Moved a bunch of code around to save memory, as usual.
  4. Fixed a bug in the timelock system (I just wrote it god dammit!)
  5. Added a bolt sealing function! It’s a bit like timelocks but for bolts (with a few differences).

Added support for multiple bolt faces

I’ve added support for multiple bolt faces to the collar… but I’m not sure how I feel about the look of those. They don’t really “pop” enough in my opinion.

I’ve also done some extra “on/off” animations for the mending plate getting installed.

Nothing major but I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to handle items that are bound to the collar front ring, when said ring “goes away” (gets removed)…

Bolt collar code, and playing with click actions.

The latest maintenance viewer has click action (none) working for attachments, so now I can just disable the hand cursor for things that you shouldn’t be able to click.

It’s really nice, I’ll start deploying it in all future object updates 🙂

I’ve also written and adapted most of the “core” code for the “bolt collar” (new name someday). The bolts have some slight animation and the collar parts slightly when completely unbolted.

I still have to code in the bolt face configuration and the wax/timelock system I have planned for it.

Sculpted prim timelock.

Good old sculpted prims, I’m really rusty when it comes to making these things >_<

It looks all right I guess. I really wish I could use regular meshs for those accessories but there is still no way to load them by UUID, so you have to make due.

I still gotta make the mesh “object” version because it needs a functional display, at least this one will be optimized.

Short term time lock, first draft.


I thought it would be a good idea to use the same form factor as the fingerprint padlock and to also keep the overall shape relatively simple, to keep the sculpted prim from becoming a mess.

Simple controls: click/hold the buttons to add/remove time, click anywhere else to use it like a regular padlock.

Bolts, ring texture, final mesh…

I think I have the textures at a point where they are almost 100% final, I’ve modeled the bolts, and separated everything, the bolts also have an extra “layer” on their surface that I want to use for “sealing” them, more about this (much) later ^_^.

The texture usage seem very reasonable for this many parts, I’m not sure how in-depth the “animations” are going to be when it is “assembled”, but I’m not there yet.

Someone also requested a square-shaped ring so I still have to model & texture that but it should be fairly quick.


Unwrap, bake again, and inworld test!

Way too much time was wasted unwrapping this (two whole work days!) but I’m finally satisfied with it! So I did a quick and dirty texture bake again and figured out it was time for an in-world test 🙂

Another test bake

This is like the 3rd time I unwrap this object and I forgot the logo again (every project it seem).

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but at least you get to see a more “complete” picture (I also don’t know why I have rendering glitches left and right).

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