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RELEASE! The KDC PonyPlay rubber bit.

Once again, I took all the time on earth but it was well worth it. As I explained before i ran into a nasty memory outage when doing the finishing touches on the script and had to move a bunch of things around to free enough memory.

This was well worth it, the reduction in memory usage will certainly be useful later.

This bit gag has all the features that the stuffed ballgag had, on top of it, has leverage straps that will appear to connect to the bridle, if you are wearing the PonyPlay bridle. It’s has 3 chain emitters, one that act as a double rein style and the two others are on the shank tips.

It is of course LockMeister compatible, come with a texture and coloring HUD with 64 high-resolution textures. It has a custom speech garbler that I painfully adapted to more closely match the “bit speech”.

Another great “feature” is that unlike a lot of my products, it’s pretty easy to adjust to your avatar, if you ignore the helper prims it’s basically 7 elements and nobody should have trouble (hopefully).

Click here to visit the KDC main store.

Click here to check this product on the SecondLife Marketplace.

Quick bridle update

There was a little bug that would make the HUD output debug information, I’m sorry about this.

Failed to release, but updates

I pushed a moderate update that covers most of the cuffs and collars with various bug fixes. I was about to release the PonyPlay rubber bit… and I ran out of memory in the core script.

So there is that to do tomorrow. Squeeze enough memory to get the bit to work reliably.

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