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KDC Industrial Pipe Kit update!

Just a few more parts, right?

It isn’t on the updater because I’m not very smart, so I’ve issued a global re-delivery for marketplace buyers.

For those who bought it in-world, you should message me to get an updated package.

Lined Chrome Ankle Cuffs update!

Lined chrome ankle cuffs - updated picture
I ran out of ideas on how to make these announcements interesting! It is update time for the lined chrome ankle cuffs, yes!

I keep running into timing issues with this update cycle and I keep missing the weekly schedule I was trying to self-impose… As a way to keep things moving quickly and to eventually get to a proper new project.

Granted this month has been plagued with various real life events eating into my timetable… (Yes, let’s use that excuse once more).

As usual, these will be delivered through the auto-updater, but if you don’t have it yet, you can get it from the KDC Main Store (10% off) or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Lined chrome wrist cuff update!

Lined chrome wrist cuff
A bit late (was due last week), but here is the updated lined chrome wrist cuff set in mesh!

The cuff code is also updated to the “no-standing when chained” feature.

I’m also deploying the RLV Activator 2.5 on all products from now on.

New store picture again, and as usual, current owners will receive a notification to pick up their update, for free.

For everyone else, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace or the KDC Main Store in-world, enjoy!

Lined chrome elbow cuff update!

Lined chrome elbow cuff store picture

As if it wasn’t obvious from last post, it is time for a “major” Lined chrome elbow cuff update:

  • Remodeled from scratch, so they are waaay more optimized than the original prim and sculpt mixture, and look a lot nicer.
  • I finally added a suspension for those cuffs!
  • I added the “no-standing when chained” function that I mentioned previously as well as the self-suspension safety distance.
  • New store picture!

As usual, current owners will receive a notification to pick up their update, for free.

For everyone else, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace or the KDC Main Store in-world, enjoy!

The NEW Lined Chrome Collar is out!

Lined Chrome Collar
The new Lined Chrome Collar is out! New model! I even added some internal rivets in a last-minute addition, just because I could, and because it didn’t cost much more (in terms of polygons).

This is a free update as usual, so if you already own this product, the updater will notify you soon enough.

As usual, It’s on the Second Life Marketplace, and at the KDC main store!

Cell update!

The 3 cells have been updated!

The changes are mainly about improving the experience-powered furniture scripts and some cleanup on the preset menu.

  • Added furniture variants with built-in tie-down points that use the same reachability configuration as the main furniture.
  • The experience system will now attempt to re-seat users that logged off while sitting on a piece of furniture.
  • There is a new configuration option that allows to “reserve” a piece of furniture if someone logs out while sitting on it.
  • I did some cleanup on the prison/narrow cell preset menu to make it a bit clearer to navigate (I also added a demo flag but that’s just for me really).

Lined Chrome Collar test release

The lined chrome collar has always been the first item to get new system features, and so I’m using it this time again. I just released an update for it than includes the latest changes & fixes.

I won’t roll it out on anything else yet, this is to see if there are any major issues I need to fix.

Lined Chrome Collar Changelog:

  1. Added the ability to lock the wearer in a sitting position when a chain is drawn to the sat-on object.
  2. Added an animation purge function & new menu layout to the RLV activator.
  3. I fixed a rare bug where normal chains could turn into suspensions after a relog.
  4. Objects that use the multi-anchor plate script can be sat on without triggering a link refresh (no more message).
  5. The wearer of a TouchBound item cannot draw chains longer than 2 meters to prevent self-suspension accidents (this doesn’t affect other avatars).

Again this is more of a pre-release than anything. But if you can give this update a look, please do and give me your opinion!

Raider harness gag update!

Small fix to the Raider Harness gag! Corrects a bug preventing the welding station from unlocking the gag if it was locked in the down position.

It only affects the core script so you can swap it out to avoid re-fitting the entire gag.

I’ve also updated the Warden Straitjacket demo and added the flat chest variant to it.

Setbacks on the bikini project

And here I thought I was being productive 😀 Turns out I’m having a few problems with the bikini project >_<

I was doing some test weight painting yesterday and after a couple of mismatched test uploads, it dawned on me that I made two huge rookie mistakes:

  • I decided to use a custom shape rather than the stock shape for my reference which causes alignment/proportion errors in-world.
  • My straps all go through a part of the leg that is designed to collapse on itself when the legs are spread, it is literally not possible for me to weight paint something to stay “above” the body in this location.

I thought about lattice-ing the mesh back in place but it wouldn’t solve the strap placement issue so I decided to try my best at re-creating it all. Not really from scratch, but close.

A few “before & after” pictures, I know it doesn’t look like much changed besides the lighting, but the straps ride quite a bit higher. I did manage to reuse the crease work that I did, I haven’t decided if I want to redo those yet.

This is going to take a little while…

I feel pretty stupid about it, it is such a waste of time and I should know better right?

KDC Prison cell update!

Prison cell update

I’m almost done with the narrow cell, so here is another prison cell update (for the full-size version) with some semi-important additions.

  • You can now configure one (or more) “master key” that can always remove the current lock on the cell door.
  • You can specify an exact range in meter for the RLV relay camera restriction option.
  • The automatic RLV camera range calculation uses the shortest cell dimension now rather than the largest.

Enjoy ^_^

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