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KDC Prison cell update!

Prison cell update

I’m almost done with the narrow cell, so here is another prison cell update (for the full-size version) with some semi-important additions.

  • You can now configure one (or more) “master key” that can always remove the current lock on the cell door.
  • You can specify an exact range in meter for the RLV relay camera restriction option.
  • The automatic RLV camera range calculation uses the shortest cell dimension now rather than the largest.

Enjoy ^_^

Pet muzzles update

Hey everyone it’s me again with yet another update ~

This fixes the texture issues on the Classic Pet Muzzle and the Classic Wire Muzzle, it also corrects a few minor code issues and adds specular color calculation to the HUD to improve the aspect of the metallic parts.

Lattice cage update… again?

I woke up today and realized that I messed up yesterday’s lattice cage update. I was so eager to get this out of the door that I forgot to do a full check of the code I’m using on the cells.

Today’s update:

  • RLV relay communication should be 1:1 to specifications now.
  • Added a prisoner list on the lock infobox menu.
  • Added a “no-build” RLV relay restriction (optional).
  • Added an RLV teleport configuration warning.

I wish to apologize to those that already updated yesterday >_<.

Lattice cage update!

I just released a small update for the KDC Lattice Cage!

I wouldn’t call it major but I believe it brings a few important changes & improvements:

  • Secure lock: Like the KDC Prison Cell, now you can restrict the locks that will work on the cage. Useful for private/semi-private spaces.
  • Master key: You can now define one or more LockID that will always be able to unlock the cage, useful for public spaces.
  • Instruction manual links.
  • More discrete configuration reload notification using the fade text of the cage rather than llOwnerSay messages.
  • Fixed an oddly worded locking message.
  • The chains drawn from the built-in anchor points can now be drawn in either order.
  • The door now has a proper offset collision mesh and doesn’t need a hidden “door” object anymore.
  • I removed the owner/group/all use restriction as the secure lock/master key make this feature completely redundant.

As usual, this is available through the lattice cage’s updater box (you still have to teleport to the store, I know).

The Manual will be updated shortly.

KDC Prison Cell Hotfix

I’m still technically on break but some things can’t wait apparently.

I just pushed version 3 of the prison cell on the updater. It should greatly improves RLV relay compatibility.

If you don’t want to re-rez everything, just swap the “_KDC Cell Core” script, that’s the only change.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Fingerprint padlock re-release!

So yeah, it is still the Fingerprint Padlock, but I figured that given that I’ve updated its appearance, code, and product shots, I could consider this a “re-release”? The new reader is just better, and while it is pretty niche now with the keyless lock doing most of what you’d want, it is still an option, if you want one.

It’s also in 4 colors now, that’s something right? 😛

As usual, it is available from the Second Life Marketplace and the KDC Main Store (10%off!).

Default padlocks change on new purchases.

I’ve replaced the default padlocks that are normally delivered with new purchases with keyless padlocks. As I explained before, this is part of an attempt to streamline the “new user experience” with the TouchBound system.

I still have a ton of product pictures that mention the fingerprint padlock and I’ll do my best to update those over time, I doubt that this will create much confusion. We shall see.

I’ll make the keyless padlocks available for sale individually once I get around making a proper product picture for them.

Another thing I really, really, really need to do is to rewrite (again) the fingerprint padlock to be much more user-friendly.


KDC Prison Cell post-release update!

Hello everyone, we all knew this would happen. I’ve just released a much-needed update to the KDC Prison Cell that adds a few features and addresses a number of issues:

  • The “KDC Experiment” experience toggle has been removed. It uses auto-detection now.
  • The “base” RLV toggle flag has been removed. It is simply always on if you use an RLV Relay.
  • Some viewer/relay combinations wouldn’t allow the RLV force-teleport feature to function, fixed.
  • You could still use the “Home” button when under RLV restrictions, this is also fixed.
  • The door latch now derives its own scale (for animations) from the door itself.
  • The lock infobox menu now features a prisoner list.
  • I clarified some of the warnings & errors, related to the KDC Experiment and furnitures.
  • I also added a new optional config flag to restrict the camera or force mouselook.

As usual, the update is available through the auto-updater.

(And yes, you can swap the cell/furniture content instead of replacing them completely)

Wear the update box, teleport to the KDC Main Store, and you should receive your freshly updated prison cell package in a folder. Enjoy~

New version of the Multi-Anchor plate.

The free Multi-Anchor plate has been updated!

If you are using it, or using the script in a personal build, you can swap the old script with the new one (KDC Multi anchor plate v2), no other change needed.

I’m currently updating all the marketplace entries.

Multi-Anchor plate changes :

  • Less clicking! You can click on a different anchor (same set) without having to de-select the previous one first.
  • A small bug caused the multi-anchor listener to remain open for a few seconds after use, potentially interfering with other objects.

Isolation Headphones update!

I’ve just pushed a new update for the KDC Isolation Headphones!

Beside a bunch of small fixes (that I can’t really remember), the main addition is a new configuration flag card:

  • cfg_LockableIMButton

It allows to adjust the default behavior of the IM toggle button to prevent people from toggling it once the headphones are locked. This is a fairly “niche” feature, but it might make the headphones more practical to use for some.

As usual, you should receive a notification from the auto-updater shortly.

I’ve also updated the Instruction Manual, so you can get more details about this new feature there.

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