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New release! The Lycia latex hood is out!

It uses the same “new” material that the revosuit uses, has glued seams on the pattern, an optional back zip (some asked me a version without a zip) and you can use it with and without ponytail and pigtails. I highly recommend that you grab the ponytail haircut “Genius” from Tuty, it work very well with the hood.

I also made a “complete” edition that has all colors, you save a bit more than 25% with it.

Teleport to the main KDC shop.


Where I state that i am an idiot.

I was done. All the hoods where ready, and i only had to make the product pictures. And then as my avatar smiled at me between screenshots.


This is where  I realised that i forgot to alpha out the mouth and teeth section, I have to fix it and re upload everything…

Well… more work to do.


Another issue with the ponytail hole alpha, this isn’t my lucky day 😀

A peek at the pigtail version

I’ve done a lot of rendering mostly thursday and friday, the hoods will have the following options:


  • Metal.
  • Colored.
  • None.


  • Normal.
  • Pigtail holes.
  • Ponytail hole.

So that’s nine combinations par package I suppose.

Should I do the basic/premium/complete thing that I did with the revosuit again?

I forgot to mention!

This is over a hair base, actually the Genius hairs from Tuty.

Almost done

With the base version that is. I really want to make a pony tail version and bi-chromic versions too. I did a complete defrag/reorder yesterday which took 24 hours ( 1 terabyte -_-) so that took all Tuesday.

To compensate here is a BUNCH of pictures of the current state of the hood. It’s all red because it is the only color that show all the details, so that’s what I usually work with.

I rebuilt the lower lip shape about 3 times and played for a while with the dept of the seams before settling on those.

The first few pictures have glares on the lips and chin that i removed in the last picture. I think it’s a bit better like that.

I’m gonna stick with that one.

Second attempt on the hood. This time, I’ve used a higher resolution texture and a non smoothed mesh. Also spent a while tweaking and tuning the eye openings and the mouth and I think it’s looking as .. good as it ever will.

It’s a bit mexican wrestler -ish I suppose, but I like the way the lines look, very smooth and aesthetically? It is pleasing me.

Status update, i fail at making hoods.

I’ve started working on something that was bugging me for a while, i really want to have a better array of hoods available at my shop. So this is what I’ve been doing today, or more accurately: what I’ve been failing at today.

It looks bad, the texture looks fine, but it sucks when worn. I must have done something wrong somewhere.

Anyway, I’m not sure this is going to be the thing I will release next, maybe i will work on other things too. But i thought that after a week of silence, I should at least tell what I’ve been up to.

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