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TouchBound 2020 system update – part 2

There is going to be more part yes, but I’m going to wait for a couple weeks before I move on the next block.


  • Everything from TouchBound 2020 system update – part 1.
  • Dullahan Collar: Missing glow issue on the back chaining point.
  • Tasanee & Vermilion Collar: Lock scaling issue.
  • Fallen Princess: Shouldn’t be able to draw chains to bolt holes.
  • Strict Braced Collar: Neck pose support for Utilizator’s M3 & M4 heads.

Products updated

TouchBound 2020 system update – part 1

I tried to delay this one as much as possible, but here it is.


  • (ER & Lined Chrome Collar) Slight optimization of the click helpers (tube->cylinder & alpha masking).
  • Increased minimum radius to trigger suspensions: 1m -> 1.25m (1.5m was too big and looked unnatural)
  • Relaxed all animation permissions to copy&mod (yay?).
  • (Mostly the chastity belt) Fixed a potential menu error due to too long descriptions.
  • Suspension chains don’t slack anymore.
  • Faster, simpler, bullet proof, animation controller.
  • Added a documentation link on the double-click info box.
  • Added the straight & stooped poses to the front rings of the chastity belt (and the equivalent on collars).

Products updated

That’s all for today because I’m making more and more mistakes, which usually mean that I should stop.

Update for the Hired Help uniform!

Today I’m releasing an update to the Hired Help uniform that contains a bunch of long overdue fixes & improvements:

  • FIXED: Preserve tint color on metal parts.
  • FIXED: Prevents interaction conflict between the hidden lock and the bib.
  • CHANGED: More memory (code cleanup).
  • ADDED: Accessory support.
  • ADDED: Documentation link on the information box.
  • ADDED: RLV Alpha auto wearing.
  • ADDED: (optional) Sewn pockets feature -> no inventory when locked.
  • ADDED: (optional) Body slice hiding for Utilizator’s Avatar 2.0.
  • ADDED: BoM Alpha mask for Utilizator’s Avatar 2.0.

Oh, and in addition, it is 30% Off ~


Cell update: more textures, bars

Reworked the wall texture to make it tintable (it IS tinted right now), added some subtle drips on the top edge and general grime at the bottom. It appears that I’ve fucked up the UVs of the concrete on the outside (fixed already, but not re-uploaded yet), easy fix.

Finalized the barred section with the tray slot (mesh wise, lod & all) and have been trying to make it “pop” texture wise. It’s not perfect but I think it looks the part. Same as the lattice cage, I do texture recycling on identical sections (only a bit better this time), textures aren’t 100% final but I like where I’m at with those; not too little, not too much.

I’ve redone the tiled section as a raised overlay so it can safely be hidden if you don’t want to have it, same for the baseboards (still untextured).

The lamp is just a cube for now, I plan to have a little more than that but I wanted to test my options as far as lighting the cell: It looks pretty convincing with a down facing projector and a “support” omni light to lighten the ceiling a little. I tried using the cell center as a lightsource, but it turns out that it is disabled as soon as you enter the cell, some sort of culling I assume.

Update on the cell project.

Several changes which I believe make it better overall:

  • I removed the right side panel from the mesh: it will be re-added as a separate object so you can decided if you want panels, bars, or both.
  • The “tile” section on the second 1/3rd of the floor is now raised slightly rather than recessed, which looks cool but also will allow to make it invisible (I only had black marble tiles for testing).
  • The wall corners are beveled to make the 90° transitions softer.
  • The ceiling has a recess for lighting.
  • The ceiling now extends (down) all the way to the beam that runs along the wall and is also beveled in all corners.
  • The baseboards will be hide-able too.

I started texturing the metal beams with a very small normal map, it almost looks good enough under the right lighting but I need something more…

(Sorry for the ‘dark’ the in-world test pictures are, I didn’t realize that when I took them)

Only a few hours left for the Halloween specials!

Once the 15th rolls out, it is all going away for another year 😀

On the Marketplace and also in-world at the KDC Main Store.

(Note that this doesn’t affect Patreon Rewards)

New work on the cell project

It took me a while to get back to work but unfortunate family events unfolded. No worries, it will pass eventually.

I’ve decided to resume the cell project and rebuilt what I had from scratch. This time I’m focusing on a self contained version in a 3x3x3 cube. It should end up tile-able, but this is more for people who just want “one” as a standalone structure.

Currently the floor is split on the back 1/3rd to accomodate a tiled section (toilets & all), and I’ve even pushed it down slightly to give it a more “3D” feel. I don’t know however if this is a good idea as it makes it impossible to completely “hide” this feature if you’d rather have an uninterrupted floor surface.

I can also very easily make variants with and without barred sections on either sides of the doorframe.

The “beam” next to the door is for chaining point as you can see :D.

I haven’t really detailed the ceiling, I’m not sure what I could really have there, and I’m pretty much out of unique texture “‘face” on the main mesh anyway.

Integrated lighting could be neat, or at least a recess to install one?

HiredHelp Uniform feature idea, poll inside!

This idea come from some story I read (don’t ask me which): The main character was forced to work as a maid, and they couldn’t carry anything around because the pockets of their uniform, as per their Mistress’s requirements, had been removed (making them purely decorative).

The idea would be to add a configuration flag (off by default obviously), causing the wearer to lose inventory access when the uniform is locked with RLV.

Add a "no pockets" (no inventory) option to the Hired Help Uniform?

  • No (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Yes (100%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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I wrote a thing to control sex toys from SL…

Well, I did not write the entire thing, it depends on the buttplug project, for all the important stuff.

It essentially allows you to run a mini web server that can be interacted with from Second Life (http requests)

The project is written in c# dotnet core and also includes a couple of LSL examples on how to interface with it.

The sourcecode and documentation can be found here:

The Avara Hood “Ghoul” addon is out!

Suprise release!

Right on time for Halloween parties! Little evil imps like me can go party in style this year ^_^

As last year, the other specials are available again for a limited time, and will disappear into the night once again in a month!

As usual, you can find those at the KDC Main Store (10% off!), or on my Second Life Marketplace, and if you are one of my Patreon supporters, these items are yours!

Happy Halloween and enjoy!

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