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Blinker HUD adjustment for 16:9 users

I pushed an update to the Ponyplay Bridle that lightly widen the blinker HUD to get rid of the black borders for 16:9 users.

Stuffed ballgag & Mittens bug fix

I’m feeling better than I was monday. I’m not yet completely healed but for now it will do.

There has been a lingering bug in my HUD code that affected the paw mittens and the stuffed ballgag pretty much since day one, but a lack of consistent bug reports made me unable to pinpoint its location.

This is now corrected, after way too long, my apologies.

I will also now include a notecard change log for each future product updates, this way you can have a brief summary of the new features and bug corrections.

Calling in sick

Sunday I came back from a little visit to my family and it was really hot. So I took a long cold shower and stood in front of a blowing fan. Today is the result, it’s the middle of the summer and I caught a pretty bad cold.

My time is spent sleeping , sneezing and trying to play a game or two. I hope everyone understand that, in my current state… I cannot work.

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