Mixmaster code demonstration, so far.


Not sure how this will play, I had to fiddle with codecs for a while. You can’t really “show” code any other way really.

It doesn’t detect mix/blend/ice/age yet because I’m not sure if I should treat those as a failure or as a custom drink.

Isolation Headphones update!

I forgot about this one I think. So here it is~

  • Support for time-release padlocks and accessories.
  • Improper permissions on headphones and HUD (should be proper copy/mod now).
  • Configuration flags for extra options (check the headphones inventory)
  • Simpler Hud/Headphones communication.
  • Nearly complete rewrite to use the new TouchBound codebase.

I would have added ALM materials however it makes the headphones revert to flat colors when used without ALM so I decided against it.

Finally done with the model!

This took such a long time, I’ve spent the past two days modeling and texturing the bottles (I made all the LOD models manually because the illusion is a bit too delicate for automatic LOD generation).

I wanted to post a work in progress yesterday, but I figured I could finish everything today and show the result.

And yeah… it DOES look a bit like it’s mixing detergents :3

Lots of work done & inworld test!

If the reference to Va11 Hall-A wasn’t obvious enough…

I made all the LOD models in record time!

Even without the bottles I think it looks glorious already 😀


Barely anything to show for

Still sick, but I think I’m getting a little better. I think I did this saturday or sunday, I can’t remember.

Someone also brought to my attention that I forgot to release the new headphone update, so I’ll do that soon-ish.

More unwrapping.

This isn’t what I’d call much “progress” but I should have posted this yesterday. I got a little bit sick, so there is that too, I’ve re-packed all my UVs as tight as possible and condensed all/most of the metallic trims into a tiny corner, since they don’t actually need more than that as it turns out.

I still got some room to slap a KDC logo somewhere, I haven’t really decided where specifically.

Indicators will get their own textures so I can ensure that they are readable enough, but this should be good enough for the rest of the machine.

Unwrapping hell

Okay not exactly “hell” but this thing has so many parts it might just be.

I’m gonna see if I can get away with using some tricks for the parts that are basically just trim pieces.

Bottles done.

I got all the bottles done, this is almost a complete model (well, many models as it is) and once I finish the shaker arm, it will be complete.

As I suspected, this now about 7500 triangles, that’s high, but the bottles alone are half of that. Not much I can do about it and I hope this won’t end up with an obscene LI.

More Low Poly stuff.

A little bit of progress, the bottles and the shaker arm are still missing.

On the bottle side, I’m not 100% sure how to model them and have everything look just right, and also prevent Z-fighting.

I’ve either got a cold, or some allergy, but I’ll try to get more done tonight.

Lowpoly mixmaster progress!

  • Picture 1: Early normal map test from the front.
  • Picture 2: Same for the back.
  • Picture 3: I added a handful more details and you can see the polygons.

No there is no N-gons in this picture, but I’ve used a lot of internal overlaps to cut down on polygon count, especially on the curvy “cup plate” (which I really should just normal map but whatever).

I’ll have to test if those overlaps don’t cause any issues, but at this time, I don’t see any reason why they should.

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