First inworld tests!

Unwrapping done, this is my first bake test on this project and it looks amazing 😀

Lacing done, now to unwrapping…

I got everything laced up cleanly and optimized the hell out of it, that’s about 1200 triangles worth of lacing in the end. Unfortunately there is no way around this.

I’ve also started packing my UVs and went for an “optimized” solution for the lacing texture ( 32×32 pixels 😛 ).

I really hope it will look right in the end.

Now all I have to do is lace it up, right?

Pretty much. I also would like to take some time to figure out if there is any chance to simplify the model further. 4500 triangles is still an awful lot.

I blame all those curved texture seams!

Dead Realm under the flood

The heavy summer rains have caused a dramatic elevation of the water level in Dead Realm, While most of the habitable areas have suffered minimal damage, the area surrounding the bay has been completely submerged.

Our experts have estimated that it will take at least a week for the excess water to drain. Please be careful until the situation resolves itself.

More work done on the lowpoly

I was pretty much nodding off the entire evening yesterday so I pressed on until the main body was completely filled in.

I’m not sure if it looks any different from this angle…

Quick update

I ment to do more today but I won’t have time to do much, so here is yesterday’s update that I forgot to post.

Again the center area is getting progressively better, and I did some work on the tongue and velcro straps, it’s getting there but it’s too slow!

Progressive edgeflow improvements

I’ve also added a nice and comfy lining. Now it’s even thicker.

Soon enough this is going to turn into a ski boot 🙂 I hope not!

First lowpoly draft…

…and I don’t like it. It looks clumsy, the flow is bad, it’s too dense. But I guess it will do for now.

Ankle boot texturing almost finished!

A brief gallery of the progress over the last two days. On the last picture I also adjusted the velcro straps to have longer ends.

Progress on the ankle boots

I did some rebuilding in order to insert the side panels and the reenforcement strips around the grommets, I also added those and a lacing mockup.

The velcro straps are also 50% wider (I still have to redo those proper, these are also just mockups) and I added a small trim under the ankle padding.

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