More work on the bridle bit.

Here, finally more work done!

I’ve redone the chin strap, made new buckles, removed the holes in the bit and the indents on the shanks.

Also a picture combined with the bridle, just to give an idea of what the final look should be like.

3 Responses to “More work on the bridle bit.”

  • Pony Rain:

    Really looks very cool …

    Can’t get my head round the rational of the mechanism to apply the blinkers … the pony may not have access to inventory to rez the blinkers for attachment!?

  • Thank you 🙂
    About your question, may I suggest that you contact me directly ?

  • Kassandra Pixelmaid:

    I really like the look of the new chin strap and the buckle! Great work, can’t wait to get my teeth between the bit. 😉

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