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Visual bureaucracy for /tg/ station

SPace Station 13

Space Station 13

If you have never played any of the variations of Space Station 13 and you are looking for a humorous star trek inspired roleplay environment, I highly recommend that you try it out, specifically /tg/station13 which is open-source.

What is it?

Space Station 13 is a old-school 2D top down rpg/sandbox game on a futuristic space station, you can pick a job when you join the server which will determinate your first credentials and starting equipment.

The space station is surprisingly detailed and behave like a closed ecosystem, with power generation, air recycling, food production, medical care and much more.

The game is played in “rounds” that can last one or more hours with varied game modes, most of them being about one or more members of the station crew “going rogue” and trying to complete specific goals against the rest of the players.

Have a look here: the wiki is an invaluable help for new players.

Why are you talking about it?

Because I just released a small patch that turns the original text-based stamps into nice 2D visuals, unique for each department.


You can grab the patch (including the PSD file) here:

Different hoof, toe cap, new UVs and more tests.

Following suggestions from friends I narrowed down the hoof base so it’s not flaring out as much, resized the horseshoe and narrowed the heel spine a little more. I also added a toe cap to the horseshoe.

I think i like the result.

I reworked the UVmap for the boot and the hoof and did a tighter stitching job, I’m still not sure about the hoof details…

Results of the session: Pony boots.

8 hours later, this is probably the most productive day I have had in a long time. I got most of what I wanted to put on the High polygon model, I might add some optional straps and thing like this, but this looks very nice already.

The lacing was a royal pain in the ass and I hope that I got it right the first time.

Upcoming live 3D modeling session.

I will start a new KDC project on Monday, April 22, 2013. The live stream will start around 8 am GMT and will continue until the model is complete, or until I’ve had enough :), whichever comes first.

[livestream type=”twitch” channel=”kyrah3D”]

If you want to tune in and watch:

Keep in mind that you will need a twitch account in order to use the chat.

To be clear, the stream will start at 8am GMT but will most likely last the entire day, minus breaks so do not worry too much if you cannot be there in time for the very start, not everything will be interesting anyway.

Chastity belt update issues :/

For those who got stuck in an update loop it was my fault, the server kept trying to send the version 2 of the belt, but only had version one in store.

The problem should not happen anymore.

Chastity belt: Quick patch!

There was an error with the “bound to the sides” animations, fixed.

The Chastity belt is out!

Yes, it’s finally out 🙂

It comes with a truckload of binding poses for the hands and the legs, has its own coloring HUD and it just looks plain awesome.

And it fits under system skirts! (Which is a big plus for me!).

In the following pictures, you can see what kind of chain tangles this little thing can create 🙂

Click here to check it on the marketplace.

Click here to teleport to the KDC Inworld shop.

Cuffs & piercings update

Bunch of little fixes for the piercings and i added the animations for the belt to the cuffs.

Squashing more bugs!

So hm, touchbound rely heavily on a binary field to make sure that animations do not conflict with each others. Now this is pretty much rock solid when it comes to code.

UNLESS… I’m writing my binary fields wrong, which I apparently have done for quite a while. I spent most of the day fixing, double checking, triple checking my binary fields.

The biggest offenders where the ankle cuffs, the wrist cuffs still need to get a fix, but I worked on this for so long today that I’m starting to get cross eyed. I also took the time to write down a document with all the animations and their respective bitfields so this problem should not happen (hopefully) anymore.

We have animations!

Some news on the chastity belt! I started working on the animations, I have a 3 “bound” animations for each wrist going to the side rings of the belt, I also made a variation of the one-legged stand that the cuffs initially had and I am also doing a crossed arms version for both the front and the back.

The hud is functional but needs a bit of polishing in the texture department. And you can see here a few examples of how the coloring looks like in metallic and pvc coated.

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