Different hoof, toe cap, new UVs and more tests.

Following suggestions from friends I narrowed down the hoof base so it’s not flaring out as much, resized the horseshoe and narrowed the heel spine a little more. I also added a toe cap to the horseshoe.

I think i like the result.

I reworked the UVmap for the boot and the hoof and did a tighter stitching job, I’m still not sure about the hoof details…

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  • Carina A.:

    Hello Kyrah,

    I do love this concept of a Pony boot, sadly I couldn’t see your livestream, but I would like to leave some of my thoughts.

    The boot itself, the leather, seams, stitching, zipper, lacing ist just great. It’s astonishing that no one got the idea to make a Pony boot with a real looking hoof before. I do really hope that you will make some fitting Mittens as well.

    Some suggestions/thoughts from me:
    I do like the toe cap very much. The horseshoe I had suggested to take the classic “real” horseshoe like this one for example:
    (I hope the picturelink works)

    I am a bit ambivalent about the heel. On the one side I like to have a heeled boot, showing that it is a shoe. On the other side, it irritates me to see that heel e.g. on WIP 13 or 15. It has something of walking on a tripod. An idea might be to broaden the sole a bit and mold it against the hoof, but to go without the heel cap. As I said, I am unsure about that myself.

    I like that you made the hoof smaller. The flared out hoof reminded me a bit of a cold blooded horse and that doesn’t really fit to the common ponygirl. Looking at WIP 13, I would eventually enlarge it a bit again. I am not sure if a human foot had the needed space to walk on it actually. But that just as a minor thought.

    All in all, I love that boot and as I said, i hope you will add some fitting mittens.

    Many greetings


  • Eve:

    I like these very much, as someone who can’t resist a good ponyboot when I see one, but I do agree that it looks a bit like there’s not enough space in there for a foot. Perhaps if the boot part were taller, with a steeper heel to match with the smaller hoof? I love the toe cap on it, and I actually kind of like the heel- a foot would need some support in a shoe like this, though it wouldn’t necessarily need the cap on the bottom. It might look good if it melded into the base of the hoof at the bottom instead of going all the way to the floor. Either way, this is great and coming along wonderfully. I can’t wait to see these in your shop so I can buy them. 😀

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