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SPace Station 13

Space Station 13

If you have never played any of the variations of Space Station 13 and you are looking for a humorous star trek inspired roleplay environment, I highly recommend that you try it out, specifically /tg/station13 which is open-source.

What is it?

Space Station 13 is a old-school 2D top down rpg/sandbox game on a futuristic space station, you can pick a job when you join the server which will determinate your first credentials and starting equipment.

The space station is surprisingly detailed and behave like a closed ecosystem, with power generation, air recycling, food production, medical care and much more.

The game is played in “rounds” that can last one or more hours with varied game modes, most of them being about one or more members of the station crew “going rogue” and trying to complete specific goals against the rest of the players.

Have a look here: the wiki is an invaluable help for new players.

Why are you talking about it?

Because I just released a small patch that turns the original text-based stamps into nice 2D visuals, unique for each department.


You can grab the patch (including the PSD file) here:

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