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Crest, belt, pockets, fabric, leather…

Not a ton accomplished today but I think the high polygon model is complete. I might look for other possibilities for the fabric grain (even if I suspect none of that will show in the final texture).

  • Made a clean vectorized copy of the crest (not sure if I will make that a separate texture or not).
  • Added belt loops.
  • Slimmed down the belt.
  • Fixed the leather shine.
  • Added a little trim line on the pockets.

There are some weird color space issues between my different projects but I think it’s fixed now.

All cleaned up

I’ve done a bunch of cleaning up after importing everything into blender (some odd little holes left and right… curious) and smoothed all the edges so it’s all nice and fabric-like.

I even got some time to start building a proper belt! But it might be a bit too thick right now.

Some slight tweaking… I think I’m done here.

I tried to make a version with wider straps but I’m told that it looks a little off. Which is kinda true I suppose.

I’ve reshaped the collar once more and gave it a new, smooth edge instead of the hard fold I had there initially.

I still don’t know if I want to make this an actual product.

Something that has plagued my entire weekend.

Some unusual japanese school uniform I found online (

I’m not even sure that I’m gonna use it for anything…

…but I had to try making one. 😀

The headcage model is complete!

I’ve rebuilt the high-poly version of the padlock adapter, made the final uv map (128×1024 + 512×1024), made the degraded versions of the model for the LOD system, rendered the texture maps and I have everything pretty much ready for scripting in world.

I still have a couple of animations to make but I should be done with this item sometime during the next week!

Headcage inworld tests!

I’m not sure I’m even going to USE those masks it took me so long to create >_<. I mean this looks nice already.

Headcage unwrapping and a couple of other things.

The two first pictures are a before/after using data transfer, look at those nice and clean rounded edges and those smooth welds 🙂

I’ve done some unwrapping on the low polygon mesh, it’s missing the logo, the lock adapter, and frankly it’s really not there yet.

I also made several attempts at auto unwrapping the high poly model, but due to some really bad seams, I guess I’m gonna end up unwrapping it manually :(. It is a bit of a pain because the model is a bit too dense. Live and learn I guess.

Last picture is a closeup of the low-polygon lock adapter, it looks already very nice, even without a normal map.

Headcage low polygon model progress

Not bad at all for today, it’s still almost 10000 triangles which is bothering me quite a bit, and that’s without the lock adapter or back ring which aren’t exactly free.

More welding.

Monday, I finished the welding of the different parts, I didn’t have much time to work so I haven’t done much else.

I have no idea how I am going to proceed with the next step, making a material dynamic enough to take in account all those surface details. Back on 3D Studio Max I used a neat little plugin called “richdirt” which produced really nice masks for that.

Practice welding

The last time I’ve actually done any welding was back in the 3DsMax days, completely different method here but the results aren’t too bad.

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