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Shackle set progress

I was sick on Tuesday, so I pushed the shackle set progress update to today.

I’ve gotten in a place I kind of like when it comes to the texture, it definitely looks very nice in blender, but might need to be a little coarser to do the trick. Furthermore, I ended up reusing one of my “scratched” node group, I don’t even remember how I made it, but it does “things that I like”.

I forgot to unwrap the ring, granted I could just use a prim for this, but I need a click surface to cover the hole, and so I might as well make it a mesh too.

Texture work and some random things

I have finally put together some kind of metal material that looks about right for this type of collar/cuff, I did a quick bake test (second picture) and it appears to hold “relatively” well. I have added a scratch layer that shows through with a wear map, and some coloration variations in an effort to make the welds more visible.

Today’s update also include two random things. (I saw a latex pig mask in a fetish photo that I thought actually looked nice, but I am not sure if I can quite do justice to it)

This is no good…

This is no good, I’m sleep-deprived again… I have spent most of the day trying to come up with a metallic look that I like.

So far? Nothing really horrible, but nothing that I like either.

I’m trying to create something that doesn’t look painted and has a little amount of wear visible. Not too much, but not too little that it won’t be visible at all. I’ve even tried using some of my previous metal materials without much success.

I tried adding a bit of rust too, but it doesn’t look right either and whatever scratches or uneven brushing I tried to add wasn’t really noticeable enough, or looked fake.

Laborious low-poly shackle

Work has gone relatively well Monday, Tuesday was a bit busy because someone wanted to buy an old model of mine and I had to do some prep work for them.

This is a fairly decent low-poly model in my opinion, unwrapping it with minimal distortion and minimal seams is a bit of a pain on the other hand.

I did not sleep last night, so I’m going to need some shut-eye to recover that today. I will try to catch up and get something good enough to do some test renders.

Some progress on the newk shackle set

I did some more work on the shackle set, added some welds, some interlocking pegs, and even variants sized for wrists & ankles. To be fair, this project was mostly going to be the ankle piece, but it works for wrists & neck too, right?

I didn’t check my measurements initially and my scale test in-world turned out way off, so I re-modeled the wrists & ankles pieces to get them a bit thinner.

A new metal collar project on the way!

I started working on a new metal collar project! The idea behind it is, well something sturdy, unyielding but also rounded and low profile. Heavy lock support wasn’t really planned, but if it fits…

The rear hinge is the bit that took me the longest to get “just right” (weird annoying shape). It still needs some welding on the front.

I could also add a registration “tenon & mortise” between the locking flanges, I’m not sure yet. It more or less looks the part, as with all models, texturing is everything.

The 10Gauge silver genital ring is out!

10Gauge silver genital ring (uncensored?)

A quick release for once! The genital ring adds a couple more bondage poses to the system, namely wrists to genitals and another stooped stance when chained to a collar ring. It uses the “pelvis” LockMeister anchor target, and won’t conflict with any existing item.

As with the other piercings, it uses the captive bead system and the Piercing Tool and supports all the typical TouchBound accessories & standard locks. And as with the other piercings, it also comes in a “light” version for those that only want the base features/interactions.

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main Store (10% off in-world), or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


Yup it is update time again…

Once again, I’m focusing on the “Lined Chrome” set so that if new problems crop up, I don’t have to patch three dozen products a second time.

Products being updated:

  • Lined Chrome collar.
  • Lined Chrome wrist cuffs.
  • Lined Chrome elbow cuffs.
  • Lined Chrome thigh cuffs.

What is new?

  • The suspension reservation bits did not include all the required limbs, now it locks all spine affecting poses (specifically stooped poses).
  • Some suspensions also did not lock the right bits between the left & right side, preventing some compatible poses to be played together.
  • Likewise, some elbow poses locked the wrong bits, again, preventing the use of some compatible poses.
  • Wrist & spine poses for the (coming soon) genital piercings.

And that is all for today ~

Working on some genital piercings…

I’m not sure how to make a tasteful picture of this 😀

Long story short, trying to adapt my current piercings to be used genitally. I know some people already do that “unofficially” but those will have the proper LM identifier and wrist binding animations. I have a working prototype for the “silver ring” style, still trying to get the U shackle style to look “right” for this, it might or might not in the end.

Another year complete

A big thank you to everyone who showed up for my Rez-Day party and no worries to those who couldn’t, that’s okay.

I’m absolutely exhausted (7 HOURS?!).

Let’s have another one next year right?

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