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Progressing at snail pace

Progression has been very slow, I’ve been asking their opinion to several people, getting their suggestions, doing slight changes here and there. I finally decided that this was enough, and really… this is as good as it is every going to get.

Now… to the next step.

I caught the C++ fever again.

I finally managed to write my own little voxel system on Torque3D. The code is extremely crude and pretty much unusable for anything but this specific example. This does give me a better understanding of how to write into a vertex buffer to create a 3D model “on the fly” based on dynamic parameters.


Toe cap, heel cap, tongue and so on.

Good progress on the boots today, i added some details which should have been bump mapped normally, but I wanted the toes upper seam to mark the starting point of the lacing, speaking of those caps… I’m not entirely sure whether I like them or not, now they look a little too hm.. dressy, but once textured, maybe it will blend in the background and won’t pop out as much.

I’m also tempted to have a spine on the back and maybe a pull loop like on the pony boots.

After multiple iterations, we are getting somewhere.

It’s pretty rare that I do not already have a very clear idea of what I want to do. This was one of these times. But I’m finally getting somewhere; and past the “design roadblock”.


Design troubles

That’s where I realize that boots are definitely not my area of expertise. I’ve done nothing the past few days but tweaking the shape of the mockup model and I’m still not fully satisfied. by it.

I forgot to pay my domain name again.

If you made a purchase the past two hours , it may not have been delivered. Just send me a PM and I will fix it for you.

Looks like i have a new project underway

That’s right, “vacation” (not sure what it was really) is over and it’s time to get back to it. This new project is inspired by the “concealed heel” boot design where a boot is designed with an internal heel that is much higher than the outside would suggest. The project I’m working on is basically a pair of stiletto boots that are constructed around the structure of a ballet boot, with an abbreviated and purely cosmetic toe box.

They are ballet boots pretending to be something else 🙂


Don’t judge them from the picture yet. It is a very early, very crude, test model. I’ve spent most of the time today tweaking my sketches to make it look right and I’m still not fully satisfied.

And happy birthday Kyrah

Real life birthday, 10 April, woohoo one more year!

…I’ll have pizza tonight to celebrate this non event 😀

I’ve been having a break, or so I thought.

I promised myself that after the cuffs I would take a nice long, one week break. Well look at what I’m doing when I’m supposed to relax from making things…


Yeah… I just make “other” things…

Free set of cuffs to the first person who guess the model number. (it may be missing bits here and there, still a work in progress)

Small patch for the thighs bands and the stuffed ballgag

I forgot to mention these, these received a couple of fixes, the ballgag still had a debug message showing when using the speech garbler and the thighs bands had a problem with one of the binding rings not glowing when clicked.

I also started deploying another general patch that fixes an issue with the paw mittens detection code.

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