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New release! The KDC Amelia Boots


Constructed on the base of a pair of knee-high ballet boots, but with a cosmetic toe box to give it that vintage pin-up look, this is the unique footwear for unique people.
Features a single mesh construction for easy adjustment, high detail textures and normal mapping to bring out a very fine leather grain, clean paneling and stitches.

The boots come with their own coloring function allowing you to color the boot body and its contrast stitching, the heel, sole, laces and metallic hardware independently. It also comes with a soft and hard ground walking sound.

Well well what do we have here :)

Snapshot_1299 Snapshot_1301

Collars, thighs cuffs – permissions bugfix

It was brought to my attention that there was an issue with the permissions on the lined chrome thighs bands and all the TouchBound collars this is now fixed and they all should display modify/copy/no transfer permissions at the next update.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and please report any issues you find so that i can fix them as fast as possible.


I’ve been stuck the 3 past days on getting the shoelaces right, shaping them, making a proper bow and simplifying them. I’m almost done with the low polygon model. All I need to do is to lay everything properly on the different texture maps I’m planning to use and I can start texturing.


I’m reusing the hooks that where initially made for the pony boots, but I need to make smaller eyelets, not a problem thankfully. Lacing as usual is a royal pain to make and I’m leaving the knotting for tomorrow (if I do not just steal the knot of the pony boots). As it turns out the stitches I’ve baked into the test texture are too close to the hooks, so I’ll have to redo that, not a big deal.

Optimized and Normal mapped

I think that I did a pretty good job so far, the low polygon model is only 1950 triangles. Considering that the high polygon model was 11952, it’s not bad at all. I could probably go further down but Shigeko is going to kill me if I do. I need to the final UVWmapping but there is no hurry at the moment, whatever I have now is good enough to work with.

Next step: Adding all the hooks, eyes and lace it all up properly.

I’d like to add that bothering to make a low polygon model is not just “nice” it’s what make the difference between a good and a lazy modeler.

Fancy Material

The high-resolution model is pretty much done, Unwrapping, stitches and I also have a hidden spine. I might add a couple of extra thing things later, but now it’s time to focus on the low polygon version.

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