Classic leather muzzle update

  • Fixes a gag function inconsistency (old vs new behavior where colliding).
  • There appears to be a possible Kokua bug with RLV restrictions. Implemented a workaround in the meantime.

More Gymnasium work.

Not sure about the wooden support structure, but this looked good enough for a picture right?

Complete sides and a horribad sleeve

More optimization required… more.

Also yeah this sleeve attempt is garbage too.

Better results than yesterday.

Still remeshing, I’ve done a lot more progress than yesterday. I ended up deleting the sleeve piece I had started but did some good stuff on the skirt part.

It still feels too dense but that’s a lot more acceptable.

More remeshing horror…

I don’t know why I’m posting this, there is so much wrong going on…

At least the collar is (almost) done, that’s one of the annoying bits due to the overhangs/underside.

Dead realm urban area rework.

I’ve timidly posted a few pictures of the school I was working on before, it is part of a much bigger rework that will replace the dead realm “urban” area.

It is getting to a point where I think it might be ready to replace the old area.

Remeshing agony

I’d love to find a tool to ease up the process of remeshing retopologizing , but the reality is that I haven’t seen anything that did something I’d consider to be good enough to replace “Ye olde manual way”.

It is usually my most disliked step on any given model but especially for dresses.

Crest, belt, pockets, fabric, leather…

Not a ton accomplished today but I think the high polygon model is complete. I might look for other possibilities for the fabric grain (even if I suspect none of that will show in the final texture).

  • Made a clean vectorized copy of the crest (not sure if I will make that a separate texture or not).
  • Added belt loops.
  • Slimmed down the belt.
  • Fixed the leather shine.
  • Added a little trim line on the pockets.

There are some weird color space issues between my different projects but I think it’s fixed now.

All cleaned up

I’ve done a bunch of cleaning up after importing everything into blender (some odd little holes left and right… curious) and smoothed all the edges so it’s all nice and fabric-like.

I even got some time to start building a proper belt! But it might be a bit too thick right now.

Some slight tweaking… I think I’m done here.

I tried to make a version with wider straps but I’m told that it looks a little off. Which is kinda true I suppose.

I’ve reshaped the collar once more and gave it a new, smooth edge instead of the hard fold I had there initially.

I still don’t know if I want to make this an actual product.

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