And a new set of tag plates!

I added a new set of tag plates focused around numbers. I’m sure someone will find a use for that.

You get both english and japanese numbers in this one, grouped in two separate plate sets.

Same features as the two original sets: Compatible with all TB products, Random mode, Public mode, Custom plates…

As usual, you can get them from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


Random weekend thing

Yes it is dynamic, and yes, the math involved wasn’t fun at all. 😛

I should probably wait for a wider adoption of “Bake on Mesh” before I actually go further than the “prototype stage” with this.

The KDC Tag Plates are released!

Two collections of little wooden plates with a lot of naughty titles on them, for you to wear, (or be forced to wear ^_^)

They can be snapped on all TouchBound products that have at least one free lock point.
Each set comes with 17 markings to choose from, it also features a “random” mode for that little added “surprise”.
Adding your own plates is easy and a full-perm texture blank is included.

As usual, you can find them at the KDC Main Store, or on the SecondLife Marketplace.

Enjoy! ^_^

Back from a really bad server failure.

Those past two days have been absolute hell, (and are far from over).

Long story short, I lost my server box and I have been scrambling to restore my (horrible) backups on a new machine. I have a “minimal” setup working, and all the KDC related things such as updater & in-world delivery,… should be working properly now.

But please, do message me if you notice a problem.

Almost done with the Tag Plates!

I’ve made two sets, one in English and one in Japanese.

  • Replaces (almost) any lock, doesn’t block the chain/unchain ability.
  • A “random” mode: Pick a random plate everytime.
  • Blank plate (which is also fullperm so you can make your own).
  • 17 different markings in each language (but they aren’t all the same).

There is also a ‘public’ mode, like on the time release padlocks.

I got a little carried away…

Fifteen very lewd japanese tags.

I should probably make english ones… any suggestions?

Better sculptmap and much improved texture!

I reworked my material for the plate from the ground up and I’m really pleased with the result.

I also had to do a pretty big cleanup on the sculpted prim because the UVs where all wobbly. In addition I also added a bit of “tilt” between the shackle and the plate, to make it look a little more natural.

The label is not properly centered, I know.

I’m somewhat better… I think.

The past few days weren’t exactly pleasant, but I think I should be well enough at this point.

I’m still coughing a bit and my head isn’t “quite” where it should be, we shall see.


Sorry everyone, hopefully this will be over soon!

Sculpted prim-tag

I was really worried about how feasible this tag would be as a single sculpted prim (which is, unfortunately, still the current restriction of my lock system).

Main issues I had to deal with:

  1. This is essentially 3 (well 4)  separate parts that have to all be on the same sculpted prim.
  2. They include loops and curves (which eat a lot of vertices).
  3. I had to reserve as much of the sculpt-map as possible for the tag itself.

I’m really happy with the results: It does need a little touching-up here and there, but it degrades very well lod-wise.

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