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Progress on the prison uniform

Very busy week, a lot of progress on the prison uniform:

  • Completed the final weight painting of the pants, that’s as good as I can get it, unless I tweak the cuffs a little more.
  • Re-unwrapped all the parts to try to maximize what I’m getting out of the textures this is using.
  • Halved the texture size on the leg stripes with pretty much no difference in quality.
  • Adjusted scene lighting to make the bottom of the pants a bit brighter.
  • Got rid of a moiré effect in my textures due to a nearly invisible fabric pattern I added a while ago.
  • Fixed a few more baking errors on the pants, there is still a few that I’ll have to fix manually  for each color between the legs, no big deal.
  • Stripe patterns on the shoulder panel is now one continuous array of stripes front to back.
  • Re-baked everything at least a dozen times due to render quality issues, margin issues, etc. etc…
  • Started another attempt at weight painting the jacket, it has a ton of issues, unfortunately.

Today’s pictures are all in-world tests, specifically showcasing the little “variant” I’ve made that include cuff “squeeze points” at the wrists and ankles. They look exceptionally stupid if there isn’t a cuff there. Otherwise? The effect is quite convincing.

I’ve been trying to use the local mesh feature that was just added to Firestorm, but it has some really annoying texturing glitches when it comes to materials, back to 12L$ test uploads for me…

The poles of the sleeve “cap” points keep clipping out at the squeeze points… Annoying. (you can see that on the last picture).

The prisoner ID number is just for the pictures at the moment, I haven’t set up the overlays on the uniform jacket yet. Ideally I’d like to make a little API where a landowner can “beam” to the uniform which color scheme to use and which name/number to show based on the parcel you are in. And in this case, it would temporarily override your customization HUD until you leave the parcel.

At least that’s as far as I thought about the script side of things…

Oh yeah, In other news, I’ve hurt my Achilles tendon on the left side during workout, so I’m going to be stuck on this chair for a while -_-.

Weight painting and more in-world testing

Don’t we all love weight painting? Just one of those tasks where no matter how long you’ve been practicing, every day feels like your very first day…

Near the end of the day I ended up testing if I could just get away with ditching the double armature conversion system and use a custom rest pose instead. It’s not too bad, it gets rid of some of the error buildup that I was getting, and since the shoulder shape isn’t critical (covered), a bit of clipping won’t be the end of the world. The places where it really matters (wrists, ankles, hips, neck) are still the same.

A lot of problems remain to be fixed, I really wanted to do some testing on the jacket, since that’s the main piece of the set. But realistically? I need to get the pants in their final state first to be able to weight paint the jacket without the two clipping into each-others.

Prisoner uniform pants inworld test!

I got the prisoner uniform pants in SL! I used the baking cage tests I did earlier on the jacket to make a decent cage for it (there is a spot between the legs that I cannot save and will have to fix in “post”) and I also have set up my “double skeleton” system for A to T pose mesh conversion.

I also got it far enough in the weight painting and baking for a quick in-world test. It is a bit scuffed at the crotch but nothing that cannot be corrected.

It is REALLY close to the leg mesh around the hip joint, so I will probably end up completely hiding the leg mesh. I haven’t tried to weight it for the fitmesh skeleton just yet.


Not too bad for a Monday?

Jacket and pants stitching complete.

The jacket and pants stitching phase went quickly, I did some cleanup on the panels, but it doesn’t appear to matter in the final renders.

I haven’t worked a lot over the Christmas/New year period.

I’m still trying to make the baking process simpler than my usual approach: Cut the model into separate baking scenes to go around the usual overlapping issues. The alternative seem to be the baking cage route. I found an interesting approach for tweaking the bake cage using a vertex group and a displacement modifier, and effectively “painting” the cage rather than manually shuffling the vertices directly, but it might not be enough for tight spots.

I’m going to try a few other approaches in the coming days. If all fail, splitting the bake is always possible.

Another update, right before x-mas

I’ve achieved very little in the past few days, but I’ve updated my stitching workflow to a method that doesn’t involve making really large bump map textures and is relatively quick & fun to use. I’ve also been cleaning up the high polygon model a little so it works a bit better when subdivided (normal map baking process).

I’m leaving tomorrow to spend a few days with my family, wish me luck 😅.

Happy holidays!

Texture tests!

This update was very delayed, but hey… Christmas stuff happening, so here is a few texture tests. I’ve rebuilt the elbow caps proper and did some optimization/cleanup on the sleeves and pant legs. And here are a few texture tests. It turns out the weave I wanted to use is causing too many issues (moire effect), and I have some other noises in the shader already anyway.

1024×1024 for the top, and for the bottom, with an extra 1024×128 and a 512×512 for the accent stripes.

There are a lot of baking glitches I need to sort out, but other than that? I’m pretty happy with the result.


One leg done, one leg to go.

I’ve made a symmetric copy for the other leg to save time, but I still have to “massage” it into position and tweak some of the folds that differ from the other side.

It weights 8931 triangles currently, and that’s with everything included: “Not great, not terrible” (as Dyatlov would say).

Seeing the model in a “somewhat” complete state makes me a bit more confident that I might actually be able to finish this soon.

A lot remains to be done.



Late modeling update

Modeling feel so slow lately…

Not much to say otherwise, I have now far too many edges on the front part of the leg below that weird “fold” and not enough on the back.

Progress is still progress right?


Prisoner uniform jacket low-poly nearly complete!

The (almost) completed prisoner uniform jacket low-polygon model clocks at about 5300 triangles. I’d like to push it lower, but it appears to be on part with the school uniform I did before, so there probably isn’t a lot to remove really. The elbows still need some work and so does the bottom edge of the jacket (where you can see below it).

Or so I thought! Looking at the parts of the pants I had completed, the two aren’t quite matching, so that’s another thing I need to fix if I’m going to have any hope of the two layering neatly on top of each others.

There is always something, isn’t it?

Little by little…

Little by little, progress is happening… But this is going way too slowly.

I was kinda dreading the part where the collar goes over & under, but I’ve cobbled something together that should survive a “glance”. I’m definitely overdoing it on what really is minute details.

Furthermore, I’ve done some quick tests to simulate a 16×48 flexible dot matrix display, potentially for a future cyberpunk-ish project?

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