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New tool, new rings

I initially hadn’t planned on remodeling the rings themselves, but they had a pretty high complexity, probably due to the twisted sphere that I was using for the bead. The new mesh is virtually identical, it uses the same textures and are a bit more optimized. The rotation point is also offset for ease of use.

I’m almost done porting the code of the nose ring (for starter), I’ve added the option to play a frown animation when being pulled by it too, but I haven’t done an “universal” bento version yet.

Some work on the new ring tool

I figured I would try a quick test render, but it is still pretty messed up because of the 4 way symmetry. I ended up roughly modeling the handle serrations, it isn’t so much that they are important, but I still need to have “something” there, just to complement the normal map.

Geometry is pretty messy still, but I’ll fix that once I break symmetry.

Giving some love to the piercing system

I’ve been working hard on a much needed update to the TouchBound piercings line, here are a few pictures of the new set of plier I’ll be releasing soon to replace the much outdated ones I currently sell.

There’s going to be a few changes code wise, which I believe are for the best:

  • Weights will be recognized as standard accessories, and usable on other products. Why? Why not!
  • Other accessories will now be compatible with the piercings (such as tag plates).
  • Clicking the right area on each ring won’t be needed anymore (just one touch zone).
  • It won’t be possible to use padlock AND accessories at the same time (in line with the rest of the TB products).
  • Piercing tools & weights will have to be updated (slight protocol change).

Avara hood hotfix

I just pushed version 6 on the updater. The patch corrects a problem with M4 Venus for users that tried to use the “shape 2” variant with the hood.

Animations should be detected properly now, sorry that I did not notice this earlier, I don’t use shape 2 and naively assumed they shared the same animations.

Padlocks version 3 is out.

What’s new?

Version 3 brings all the padlocks that had not been updated to the latest version of the code it is all backward compatible, no critical bugs have been fixed (or found) and a few improvements have been added:

  • Locked activation is now available on all locks that did not previously have it (manual).
  • A minor hovertext sticking issue has been fixed.
  • All locks now have a “public” configuration flag, default to off (manual).
  • When first attached, locks will default to the HUD, and should be properly oriented.
  • The heavy-duty padlock mesh has been updated with better LOD models and a few visual tweaks.

Lock API

All lock & key objects now respond to a couple of link_message commands, to make the life of 3rd party scripters easier:

  • SetScriptState – Puts the script in a “locked” mode, the lock will disable itself and ignore all interactions, (useful if you want to put the lock inside a cabinet and prevent clicking it when the cabinet is closed)
  • SetLockTime (time release locks only) – allows a 3rd party script to set the time of the lock, will also update the LCD display.

Check the relevant wiki pages for more informations.

10cm set started!

This one is actually based on one of  the references that started the entire project, I thought the exposed knife gate design was interesting.

Globe valve complete… and a video!

It looked so good that I NEEDED to make a script for it.

And I HAD to make a little video of it too!

A valve bonnet?

I don’t know! That’s aparently the name of this piece. And I’m not sure what it is for, other than holding the shaft packing tight.

I took the weekend off this week to get some R&R but I still started working on this a bit too late during the day.

This uses way more polygons than the gearbox I made for the large pipes and I ended up beveling those supports (it just doesn’t look right without it), the shaft also has to be a separate object to allow it to move up and down through the wheel that will sit on the very top (muh realism…).

I’ll try to get it down to 1LI, if I can… it isn’t even a big part, I don’t know why I went overboard on it like that.

Shoin Highschool uniform – BoM update

I just updated the KDC Shoin Highschool uniform with a set of alpha masks that are compatible with Avatar 2.0 when used with the “Bake on Mesh” textures.

The package also includes unscripted versions of the regulation uniforms. (if you are using the BoM alphas you probably won’t use the slice hiding script anyway)


Use the  Marketplace re-delivery to get your update, if you purchased the uniform from the Main Store, drop me an IM and I’ll send you the update as soon as I can!


A multi-usage valve piece

This is by far the most useful part I’ve made for the pipe kit. When I was fishing for references, I noticed that some globe valves and check valves looked basically identical, (with the exception that globe valves have a wheel turret). On top of it, they also kinda look like 3 way manifolds.

The last 3 pictures show 3 possible configurations:

  • As a check valve (the top face is a service panel)
  • As a 3 way manifold (the top face is a flange)
  • As a globe valve (the top face is the turret mount)

(The turret is borrowed from the 1 meter pipe set, I have a different turret and wheel type in mind, I just haven’t made them yet)

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