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Is this my tribute to the work of @fleda_ito ?

I need a little break from working on the shoin school uniform so I picked something simple like… (NSFW) A very specific leather cuff design.

Yeah, the highpoly model is basically done already. It went so fast! It might be related to the unhealthy amount of leather cuffs I’ve modeled over the past years 😛

15 Hours later…

Probably not healthy but here are the results!

(Super shiny because I accidentally rendered the textures much darker than I should have, will be fixed)

All it really needs now is to be rigged and the different chest sizes. I might get on that next monday unless I work on something else.

I think I earned a nap…

Shoin School Uniform LPM, all good.

I finished the belt today! Also made the lowpoly belt buckle and capped the underside of the skirt (yeah no panty shots with this one, but it’s below the knee, give me a break).

Next step: Unwrapping everything and fixing problems as they inevitably arrive.

Hurt myself

Long story short, slight cooking accident today (followed by a rather spooky faintness) is making it a bit difficult to use blender properly without reopening the wound.

So I didn’t work on anything today, and trip to the pharmacy is due tomorrow, just to be sure that this heals properly.

Shoin School Uniform, first inworld test.

Yes it looks a bit weird but that’s because it’s not actually rigged to the avatar, I’m just pretending.

It’s also horribly blurry because I haven’t packed the texture UVs yet. I wanted to run some kind of test to see how well the normal mapped model would do in its current state.

Oh yeah, I still haven’t finished the belt either.

More remeshing.

Back is sort of okay, the right side has too many triangles (non quad). Collar is tweaked to fit the right side of the collar mesh.

I’ve also built a semi decent elbow for the sleeve. The top part if the sleeve is still shit.

Classic leather muzzle update

  • Fixes a gag function inconsistency (old vs new behavior where colliding).
  • There appears to be a possible Kokua bug with RLV restrictions. Implemented a workaround in the meantime.

More Gymnasium work.

Not sure about the wooden support structure, but this looked good enough for a picture right?

Complete sides and a horribad sleeve

More optimization required… more.

Also yeah this sleeve attempt is garbage too.

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