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Shiny school pin

Slightly unrelated: I made a cool little pin for my school. I like the enamel one.

More remeshing…

I know you all love it 😛

I wanted to complete the collar lowpoly remesh today but it’s late and staying focused is becoming difficult.

Vermilion collar high-poly completed

I’m on a roll…

… and I forgot to take earlier pictures (not really but I took them too late so they are pointless)

Vermilion cuff update

This is a small update so don’t panic, you can safely ignore it.

  • Corrected a click target problem with the right ankle cuff.
  • Increased padlock scaling for all cuffs (the vermilion cuffs have a fairly large post compared to others).

Also yeah autoposting on Facebook is currently broken.

The Vermilion cuffs are out!

This time it is an elegant Japanese-inspired leather design reminiscent of the lined chrome set, available in wrist, ankle and elbow version!

They come in the standard KDC leather colors and also a dark red tone, unique to this set. (And yes, a matching collar and thigh bands are also planned)

As usual, you can grab them from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

New road layout is in.

I’ve committed to the new road: skinnier and snaking further away from the cliff side. Also added some trees.

I wish I had a more interesting “surface” for the road, but unless I find a crafty solution, anything else will expose the dozen of prim seams that I’ve hidden in the surface.

HUD, Elbow cuffs and another vanity shot.

I’ve adapted the cuffs to fit the elbows, did some scripting and configuration and also put together the HUD face.

I have some issues with the clickable areas… they need some… adjustment. As it is, it’s too hard to click the D-rings in my opinion.

And yes Atsumi, this pose already exist 😛

Vermillion Cuffs, inworld test. @fleda_ito

I finished preparing all the textures and I think the model is final at this point.

So here are a few teaser pictures 🙂

Early version of the town installed.

Still unfinished obviously.

“fleda cuffs” Progress

And I still don’t have an actual name for them…

Yesterday I couldn’t resist tweaking the strap edges furter and came up with something more faithful to the original. Then most of the time spent yesterday and today involved low-polygon modeling, some unwrapping and this test render (at a stupidly large resolution).

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