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Out of town

I will be away for a few days, if you have a problem with any of my products, you can drop me an IM in world: all my IMs are forwarded to email. Alternatively, use the contact form, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

New release! the KDC Revosuit X is out!


Earlier than planned, I know (but it’s technically Monday for me!)

So here is a little feature breakdown!

  • 32 alpha sections.
  • Unlimited color options.
  • Designed for Avatar 2.0 but can also be used with classic SL heads (you will still need the avatar 2.0 body).
  • All four chest sizes supported.
  • Includes an optional “bulge” for boys, and shemale type avatars.
  • The HUD can store your favourite colors and material presets.

This product is designed ONLY for advanced lighting (materials)!

As usual you can pick it up from the KDC Main Shop or the SecondLife Marketplace.

Never heard of Avatar 2.0? Click here!

Complete reupload, … twice.

So now that I finally understand how exactly to use Blender’s weight copy ( took me long enough and two friends good friends! ) I Essentially re uploaded all the parts of the suit at least… 3 times? today? (I’m not counting the rest of the week ugh. And yes I DO use the beta grid, for tests but this has been the final upload several times already)

Release? Soon(tm).

Did I ever mention that I hate making HUDs?

I should have posted some updates earlier this week but didn’t think I had anything good to show.

I’ve ended up redoing the creasing of the suit at least 6 times now, but I think I’ve finally got it the way I want, now it’s fairly discrete, what you would expect from something stetchy and well fitted. The 3D models are 99% final. I did a few last-minute adjustments to the AV2.0 neck versions and made a classic avatar neck too, so I still have to splice those in.

I spent most of the day making a simple HUD to customize the main suit features.


A little project over the weekend.

I wrote this amazing trains scripts a few months ago, unfortunately, all i had for it was a model from the marketplace. It was too big and simply not practical to use.

So I started making this adorable little service locomotive. It’s just under 8 meters long (this is a prim mockup imported in blender by the way), with a small flatbed for partying transporting cargo.


Happy birthday Kyrah, and a blindfold update!

I’m officially 34 today. Not that it makes me feel any wiser 🙂

The Classic Leather Blindfold is now updated to version 6!

  • The blindfold screen effect can be disabled by the wearer by changing the configuration entry “cfg_ScreenEffect=On” to “cfg_ScreenEffect=Off”.

Please note that this is not “stealthy” as the info panel will inform anyone double clicking the blindfold that the screen effect is disabled.

Small patch for the mittens!

The new Mitten code had a small bug that messed with the RLV state synchronisation when they were locked. That’s now fixed!

I also removed the “safety” check that prevented you from self locking the mittens with a fingerprint padlock, it just became redundant.


It feels like the revosuit all over again! I’ve spent the better part of the day trying to get my tablet to work on windows 10, and figuring out the paint tools in Blender.

It might take a little while to get the creasing right.

A few good pictures

I got some of the surface details down, namely the seams and battled with a couple of issues related to baking and normal orientations, great stuff.

Weight painting and chest sizes completed!

Mesh wise I think I’m going to call it done. I also figured out how to do the hideable segments on sunday (with the help of friends). So now really, it’s all about working on the textures 🙂


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