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Avatar 2.0 Catsuit in the making.

For those who lived under a rock for the past few years, Utilizator Mode makes a very nice mesh body called “Avatar 2.0”. Its proportions are loosely based on the Linden Labs avatar, but with much better joints and curves. It is also one of the better optimized mesh bodies.

I’ve started a project related to it which is a bit of old with a bit of new: A new latex catsuit.

The goal is to get a 100% material catsuit (advanced lighting only) in the 4 breast sizes offered by avatar 2.0, with full color tinting support, normal mapped details & specularity.

Ai Stuffed mittens!

Granted, this isn’t really ‘my’ product, but it’s still a joint project, enjoy! 🙂


This week and the previous

Here is a quick little breakdown of what happened since the last release, beside some well needed rest:

  • Started coding a game project on Unity3D loosely based on Space Station 13, I’m mostly writing underlying systems at the moment but if you’re interested in the code you can check it out!
  • Began another joint TouchBound project with Asami from Ai, more about this later.
  • Looking into producing a material enabled catsuit targeted at Avatar2.0 bodies (possibly compatible with Linden Labs avatars?).

The KDC miniATM is out!


Finally! It only took me about a week to complete the model. Code wise, this is a project I have been working on and off for a few months now. My own little “human ATM” toy. It’s quite different from anything I’ve seen out there, in the sense that it is merely a “roleplay facilitator” with a touch of public humiliation, rather than something you would use to sign your rights away unsavory.

But that’s expected right? I mean, we are talking about KDC here 😀

And  that’s probably the only findom related product I’ll ever do.

Key features

  • Safe to use, the wearer always has the final say on all payments.
  • All payments are logged by recipient, time and amount.
  • Doesn’t require to set an owner/master.
  • Safety payment limits.
  • Virtual wallet mode.
  • Count down & count up mode.
  • Payments and requests are revealed to local chat, great for roleplay!
  • Plugin to display amounts on an ER doll hood.

I strongly suggest that you check the documentation on this one, before you purchase, to be sure that this is your kind of toy!

As usual, you can get is from KDC’s main shop or the SecondLife Marketplace (it appears that the PrimBay is down at the moment).

Leash handles & Anchor plates are now standard.

I repackaged most TouchBound products to now include my freebie leash handle and anchor plates by default so you don’t have to look for the free bundle at the shop anymore 🙂

New project on the way!

This one might not be to everyone’s taste, but I do have a (very mild) interest in the world of financial domination.

But because everything I see in SL and on the rest of the web only screams exploitation, greed and abuse, I decided to make my own little utility that can be used in this kind of play, it is very simple, extremely safe and focused solely on consensual roleplay.

And yes it’s a chest mounted card slot 😀

I was going to post a function breakdown because the script is almost finished, but I figured I would do that on release 🙂

Also… it doesn’t have a name yet, and i cannot find something that is neither nondescript, or ominous.

Lattice cage patched to version 2

Two logic bugs fixed:

  • Cage door would open when the hatch auto open was active.
  • ForceTP would not be cleared properly on door auto open.

Just wear the cage updater and follow the instructions 🙂

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