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More texture work and a bit of code.

I’ve done more detailing on the cylinder part. I might settle on a metallic look instead of the “shiny grey” I had initially planned. Added a few rivets for accent and a couple of other things no one will notice and did some inworld testing.

I also did some tests for the animation sequences.

Some greeble.

Not a huge progress, i have a grade A headache so that will do until it gets better. Detailed the button “box” and added some pointless greeble on the hinges.

Chat restrictor, textures & rotating dials

I’ve completed an early draft of the normal maps. I had to redo a large chunk of the high poly because creased edges wouldn’t behave. I really like the look of the rotating lock dial but I’m not so sure about the “lock/unlock” symbols.

I also normal mapped a small “high security” keyhole in the top of the unit, it is just drawn on the rotating dial so the lock will rotate with the colored discs.

I think it’s a nice touch.


Hired Help Uniform: a small update.



On request, I have added to the hired help uniform an “L2” variation that provides a slightly flatter belly area for those that had problems with it.

NOTE: The L2 variation doesn’t provide enough room to properly hide a chastity belt.

Low polygon version complete!

With some really tight UVs. Next step: Detailing the high polygon model and making suitable materials.

Folding control panel

It blooms like a spring flower! Awww 😀

Some chat restrictor thing.

Between the headaches and the depressive state I’m still trying to get out of this creative rut and the train isn’t going anywhere at the moment. I figured I would try something different.

A few months ago I was prototyping some code for a chat restriction device, but it was just that: a prototype.

This is an attempt at giving it a shape, like the ATM. It is kind of a weird “man machine” interface. It has a protective cover and some kind of internal piece that slides out.

The idea is that the controls would be on a pair of folding “petals” when the internal piece slides out.

Lets see where this leads me… I guess.

Paw Mittens update.

Small update on the paw mittens, there was a pair of missing animations for the left hand when connecting to collars. And I also added a “no editing” restriction when buckled in 🙂

Undercarriage redux

Yesterday was good but not that good, so I worked some more on those motor thingies. I think it’s better.

Updates on the train stuff

I’ve spent a lot of time today working on the undercarriage. I’m also pushing the model to high-resolution I will rebuild a low-res over it at the end. I tried two different frame designs and the second one appears to do the trick.

One small issue: its way too wide for the ladder and brake tanks.

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