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Messed up the collar remote perms

If you bough the Classic shock collar/remote before 02/28/2015 at 3:13pm PST you might have noticed that the remotes where notransfer. IM me and I’ll send you a transferable replacement, sorry about that!

Classic shock collar released, at last.

There we are, after… more than a month? The classic shock collar is out, it has all the standard collar features with the addition of a shock box that can be remotely triggered with the provided remote (or simply send a warning ping to the wearer) and an “anti barking” feature that will quickly teach your sub that you prefer peace and quiet. 🙂


As usual, you can get this product from the KDC Main shop in Dead Realm, from the Secondlife Marketplace and also from the PrimBay.

Enjoy 🙂

Remotes and zappy animations

Been very busy again, is now ready for IPV6, I made some blueprints to eventually remodel the Dead Realm region (again!) And I had to move all the shock box code back into a separate script, because as I suspected: Out of memory! I got the shock effect pretty much like I wanted, the screen scramble as you get shocked, you are also prevented to move for the duration of the shock and there is a rather… discrete animation playing along with appropriate sound effects and a little bit of light.

And i just noticed that I forgot to put the facial expression.

I can see the end of the tunnel! I also started a quick model for the remote, something really simple…

I should be finished either today or tomorrow.

Lots of code…

I do not remember writing this much code in a mere 5 days… I spent my weekend writing some pretty difficult stuff for a “to be announced” secret project, it was pretty interesting… but that’s gonna be a story for another time.

Collar wise, I moved all the stub code that I wrote into the main collar module, I have a way to set/reset the radio frequency, the toggle switch for the bark detector work too, the lid locks in place and prevent using what’s inside while it’s closed. Good stuff.

What’s left to do really is to come up with a suitable shock effect, sounds, animations, a good rule set for the bark detector, get the LEDs to turn on/off and make some kind of remote.

Model completed!

Yes, finally 🙂

I should have posted Monday for some progress but I forgot… also on Tuesday. Today’s update will be a little picture heavy, all the textures are done, I also managed to squeeze in some extra texture optimization. Script wise, the HUD is done, the basic TB scripting is functional and I have “some” shock box specific scripting done. It’s getting there, it’s getting there…


The … great unwrapping?

I’m running out of ideas for catchy titles, can you tell? 😀 . Good progress today, the low polygon model is fully unwrapped and tightly packed on a single texture sheet.

Which means it’s texturing time 🙂

The great merge

For some reason I’m second guessing myself constantly these days. I completely fused the collar and the shock box, simplified a bunch of areas where they meet (maybe too much…) it STILL weight 4898 triangles for some reason, and frankly, I do not see anything that i can safely remove anymore. I will blame the fact that it’s a complicated model with moving parts and internal elements.

I could probably have gotten away with a less aggressive polygon reduction, I can still change my mind and go back to an earlier version obviously.

Backend hicups

The server was a little on and off today, sorry about that, I had to roll out an update that was long overdue and it didn’t go quite as planned.

Low polygon work and more materials

I should have posted this yesterday, but thursday became friday before I noticed it…

Because I’m clearly the kind of person to follow my own advice, I spent more time on material tweaking, and stumbled for a while on an issue involving the value to normal filter not quite behaving as I thought it would. I also made the low polygon model for the “collar part” of this project, it is hovering around 2000 triangles which is probably way too much but I haven’t reached a point where I am going to care about optimisation too much… yet.

The shockbox is more or less the last part of the high poly model that I really need to finish at this point. The reason I was pushing it for later was that I was not completely sure of what should be inside it, what would look good and be easy to identify as the frequency crystal on one side and the on/off switch for the bark feature on the other… I’m still drawing a blank on that one.

Matching the existing products is going to suck…

Quite a bit of work done the past two days. Even if you consider that I did a major fuck up Monday and basically saved over 2 hours of work by accident…

The creasing function in blender allowed me to cleanup my models instead of having multiple edge loops to create hard edges, I fixed a small issue on one of the belts and added a ridge that follow the border of the collar, like I’ve done on the classic leather cuffs. I have all the stitching done and it looks just right I believe and also got some early materials done. Sadly it doesn’t look anything like the existing products, but color/material matching will have to wait until the low polygon model is complete.

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