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Blindfold texturing

Again, good progress has been made, I actually rendered all the textures required but I might do an attempt at a higher resolution in order to get more details for compositing.

Also included a shot with and without materials, so you can see what you are missing… in the event that you are still running SL like it’s 2004.

Do all the LPM things!

I thought that I would post this before starting the unwrapping. I came pretty low in my opinion, it’s around 1300 triangles without the metallic bits… not too bad. I’ve been pretty aggressive with the inside, more than I normally do, but that’s the area nobody will see anyway :/

Next step, as I said, unwrapping.

Now in glorious full colors!

I just finished unwrapping and making the stitch masks for the blindfold, so I thought that it would be a good time to post an update 🙂

Express update

I just pushed yet another patch to the KDC Nipple rings (sorry about that) correcting an issue with the left ‘light’ ring. This also fixes a potentially older issue with the regular left side rings.

Barely qualify for a work update

I’ve been dealing with a bad cold the past two days and haven’t done much work really, I tweaked the discs some more and added a couple rivets & straps. I think i will do the entire backside in red rather than having those weird donuts/”rolled condoms”… I’m gonna keep the dip on the inside because it gives me a handy seam to change the direction of my texture UVs but it will be much less pronounced.


Trains, nipple rings and blindfolds

I will try to keep this brief. I rebuilt the train signals over the weekend and added dwarf signals to the Dead Realm railway.


I also pushed a small update to the KDC Nipple rings: First, a simple code patch and second, you should now get a second set called “light” that only have the captive bead/RLV locking, no chaining, padlocking or accessories. You will receive both either ways.

Next: I started working on a blindfold project that will be part of a small set of items I’ve wanted to create for a little while. I’ve settled for a “disc type” of blindfold, I can still change my mind if I end up hating it. So far… it does look like a really terrible attempt at sunglasses, but it will get better (I hope)!

Dead Realm asylum due for teardown on friday.

On Friday the 13th of March 2015 i will send the Dead Realm asylum to its final resting place. I started this build around July 2008 with the help of Ishy for the floor plan. A hiatus of several years led us to a rebuild attempt in March 2011. Since then it has been sitting there. The only areas that where ever completed where the low and high security cells which remained pretty much the same through the existence of the building.

In retrospective I believe that I simply tried to do “too much” and gave up on all these room ideas that I wasn’t really interested in. The point of the building was the various cells and it should have been the main focus.

Click here to teleport!

If you are interested in backup copies of some of the rooms (do not ask me for the entire building) just IM me inworld and I’ll see what I can do.

Things over the weekend.

I started the remodeling of dead realm! I built the track models and worked some more on a house during the week. I finally gave in and nuked the sandbox from orbit ( It’s still there, but in a much abbreviated form). About a third to half of the track work is laid. There is a couple of steep grades but nothing I can really do about them. I wrote the switch code from scratch and it ‘should” be 100% SLRR compliant, there is a few rough spots i still need to deal with, mostly with the “spring back” train detectors being a little slow/blind.

In the meantime, Shigeko has found some inspiration that had to  be crystallized into a build…



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