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UV and Texture work in progress.

The “HD” model is more or less done so I began the tedious task of unwrapping the parts that require it, that means the steel cable (to insert an helical pattern along its surface, you know… twisted steel wire.) and all the leather parts. I don’t think the plastic parts will need actual UV coordinates as they will only receive a basic matte finish. Metal parts don’t need UVs as my metal material doesn’t use them.

The leather parts on the other hand need a full unwrapping to allow me to texture them properly.

For those interested, this awful checker texture on the collar is commonly used to check for distortion during the unwrapping process. Long story short: you want the checker tiles to look as straight as possible.

Lid, locking cable and other tidbits

More goodies! I’m not really sure about that cable tho…

Inside the box when the lid is open will be the radio crystal slot and the bark on/off switch. I’m almost done with the High resolution model. Texturing soon!

Adding bulk

I like where this is going! The method I settled on to attach the shock box to the collar is a bit rivet heavy, but I do like the apparent bulk of it. The shock box itself is kind of a placeholder until I come up with a satisfying way to make it open/close/lock and where to place the status LEDs. I initially thought about doing a heavy padding on the inside, like on the classic leather cuffs, but I still have electrodes to add, so a bulky padding is probably a bad idea.

I’m also tempted to put the KDC logo directly on the shock box rather than in the back. but it might be a little too much “in your face”.

A shocking new project on the road

Literally! I started working on that shock collar project I’ve had in the back of my mind for so long. There is now even more things that I like with blender I have to say. I’m hitting a design issue however… I’m not sure how to integrate the shock box, I have this idea in mind that it should have a little lid that can be opened, but it has to be visually locked shut when the back collar padlock is in place, without using a second padlock. I’m not sure how to get that to work.

Hired Help Uniform update

I just pushed a small update that adds an (S) variation targeted at small chested avatars, the regular version has been renamed with the (L) tag. It’s on the auto updater and existing buyers should receive it shortly.

Enjoy 🙂

KDC Revosuit, now with Maitreya mesh body support!

I had forgotten how many parts compose this product, nearly 3 days non stop at it but I’m finally done with it! Don’t expect me to make appliers too often, they require a LOT of time when you have this many colors and variations.


The premium and complete packs for the KDC RevoSuit have now fancy appliers compatible with “Maitreya Mesh Body” with absolutely ALL the options! Now you can’t use that excuse anymore.

NOTE: To be clear, I am not endorsing mesh bodies in any way, this is purely intended to be a service to my customers & friends!


As usual, you can grab it from the KDC Main shop, the SecondLife Marketplace or the PrimBay.

Happy new year and a tiny update

Happy new year everyone! I’m not back just yet, a few more days and I will be.

Regardless, I released a small patch to the KDC Institutional Straitjacket due to a customer request, whistelisted and group listed users can now change the straitjacket texture set the same way the wearer can.

I’ve also hooked it up in the update system (for eventual future updates), but for existing users, you will STILL have to message me for the update, sorry about that.

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