Classic shock collar released, at last.

There we are, after… more than a month? The classic shock collar is out, it has all the standard collar features with the addition of a shock box that can be remotely triggered with the provided remote (or simply send a warning ping to the wearer) and an “anti barking” feature that will quickly teach your sub that you prefer peace and quiet. 🙂


As usual, you can get this product from the KDC Main shop in Dead Realm, from the Secondlife Marketplace and also from the PrimBay.

Enjoy 🙂

2 Responses to “Classic shock collar released, at last.”

  • John:

    Hi, bought the collar fitted beeps lights flash spark etc, but no reaction from the wearer, no screaming or flexing etc ! Am I missing something. Reards john

  • Hello! It depends a lot on the type of AO that you are using. I’have separated the animation into two sub parts, the neck jerking “should” always play while the arms will only move if your AO animations do not block it.

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