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The current state of my internet access

I thought i would post this, for fun, so whoever is reading me can have a little idea of what’s going on.

Explanation: this is my ping time for google taken every 5 minutes, the green bars are packet losses. the blue is the average ping time.

  • If the ping time goes to 0, that’s bad it means during this period i had no connectivity.
  • If the ping goes up, it’s bad, because it means my connection took ages to connect to something as trivial as google.
  • If the packet loss goes up it’s terrible, because it means my connection is actually losing information, which have to be sent again.

The long period from 11pm to 2 pm is a period where i was either sleeping or away, so … low activity, less data to fuck up. The rightmost period from 1 to 5 am is basically “now” and it’s all jittery because I restarted a few traffic heavy services to see how it would behave under a semi regular load. And well, this is the result. it’s BAD.

I have DSL problems

For those who care, my DSL connection has been acting up for the past 2-3 weeks, as a result I’m not very active, it’s difficult to work in SL when your connection drop about ten times a day.

I hope that I can get this solved quickly.

Latex texture pack for the Institutional straitjacket!

It’s done, finally.

I just completed a big texture pack for the KDC Institutional straitjacket, in a single add-on script, you get ALL the KDC latex colors for the jacket.

This version of the latex has a much improved aspect and i intend to make more products out of it, but for now, this will do.

I hope this will make a lot of Peoples happy, considering it was requested over and over since the release of the leather pack.

Well here it is fellow rubberists, and i hope you will be satisfied 🙂

Come check it out in Second Life !

See it on the Marketplace!

Little kudo to Penny Patton

I thought I would give her a little kudo about her Windlight settings for second life that you can read all about here.

I built this earlier today and it looks pretty nice with those settings.

A little sneak peek and some more

rubber straitjacket!Here is a little teaser for all the SL rubberists out there 🙂 I’m sure you will find it interesting.

I’m pretty much done making the textures of the pack and preparing the script add-on, it will come in the 15 classical KDC colors, so as usual it will perfectly (well nearly perfectly) match all my other latex products, with independent base and details, hell you can mix latex with the canvas or leather if you have the corresponding packs.

It’s also a slightly tweaked version of my latex, which, I believe greatly improve its look. I will be using this variation from now on as i believe it’s more subtle and realistic.

Now this isn’t really a product but I’ve been optimizing some more prims in Dead Realm and replaced all the ugly boulders over the tunnel with a few of the sculpts i initially made for floating islands. I also added one or two more trees. Only 3 sculpts were used instead of 10 spheres, so that’s a few more prims to spare and a much better looking mountain.

KDC Uniforms for New Bison Steeve 1.1.2

I completely forgot to update this mod for the past few versions, this is now done:

Version 1.1.2

  • Applied the changes to NPCs brought by the Bison Steeve quest version 1.6

You can grab it here.

Doing things

Today i did some more work on my latex tool set, the plan is to have a latex texture pack for the Institutional Straitjacket before the end of the week. I solved the main problem i had with the latex materials, mainly that i had to use a different reflection environment for the black latex because the details where not coming out properly.

I also added some color changing automation, so now I can make a complete set of colors in a single operation. This way I can do the final rendering at night and use the remaining time to… get more work done.

I also tweaked a bit some of the colors that where saturating a little too much, it shouldn’t different enough to cause color mismatch in outfits.

My first mesh prim on the main grid!

For those who don’t know it yet, the regions that are on the RC list can handle mesh prims, you can see and upload them if you are using the developer Viewer , otherwise… I’m not quite sure what they look like for normal viewers. Also, for regular prim fiddlers, this viewer let you size prims up to 64x64x64, you have to admit it’s kind of handy to cut prim usage.

Here is a screenshot of the first mesh ever to enter the dead realm region.

I made all the different LOD levels by hand because the SL client really isn’t too good at preserving the original shape of the object.

The table came out with a nice 5 prims weight.

The physical shape is a simple box, at the size of the table itself, i figured it would be good enough. I had to fiddle with the final size multiplier, it seems that too big or too small makes your prim equivalence go up for some reason.

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