My first mesh prim on the main grid!

My first mesh prim on the main grid!

For those who don’t know it yet, the regions that are on the RC list can handle mesh prims, you can see and upload them if you are using the developer Viewer , otherwise… I’m not quite sure what they look like for normal viewers. Also, for regular prim fiddlers, this viewer let you size prims up to 64x64x64, you have to admit it’s kind of handy to cut prim usage.

Here is a screenshot of the first mesh ever to enter the dead realm region.

I made all the different LOD levels by hand because the SL client really isn’t too good at preserving the original shape of the object.

The table came out with a nice 5 prims weight.

The physical shape is a simple box, at the size of the table itself, i figured it would be good enough. I had to fiddle with the final size multiplier, it seems that too big or too small makes your prim equivalence go up for some reason.

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