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Little kudo to Penny Patton

I thought I would give her a little kudo about her Windlight settings for second life that you can read all about here.

I built this earlier today and it looks pretty nice with those settings.

A little sneak peek and some more

rubber straitjacket!Here is a little teaser for all the SL rubberists out there 🙂 I’m sure you will find it interesting.

I’m pretty much done making the textures of the pack and preparing the script add-on, it will come in the 15 classical KDC colors, so as usual it will perfectly (well nearly perfectly) match all my other latex products, with independent base and details, hell you can mix latex with the canvas or leather if you have the corresponding packs.

It’s also a slightly tweaked version of my latex, which, I believe greatly improve its look. I will be using this variation from now on as i believe it’s more subtle and realistic.

Now this isn’t really a product but I’ve been optimizing some more prims in Dead Realm and replaced all the ugly boulders over the tunnel with a few of the sculpts i initially made for floating islands. I also added one or two more trees. Only 3 sculpts were used instead of 10 spheres, so that’s a few more prims to spare and a much better looking mountain.

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