The current state of my internet access

The current state of my internet access

I thought i would post this, for fun, so whoever is reading me can have a little idea of what’s going on.

Explanation: this is my ping time for google taken every 5 minutes, the green bars are packet losses. the blue is the average ping time.

  • If the ping time goes to 0, that’s bad it means during this period i had no connectivity.
  • If the ping goes up, it’s bad, because it means my connection took ages to connect to something as trivial as google.
  • If the packet loss goes up it’s terrible, because it means my connection is actually losing information, which have to be sent again.

The long period from 11pm to 2 pm is a period where i was either sleeping or away, so … low activity, less data to fuck up. The rightmost period from 1 to 5 am is basically “now” and it’s all jittery because I restarted a few traffic heavy services to see how it would behave under a semi regular load. And well, this is the result. it’s BAD.

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