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Back and locking mechanism

I took a week away from modeling and SL stuff in general, I needed it.

I closed the back of the dress and made the “chest pocket” that I plan on animating (well… the alpha kind of animation really) to reach the locking mechanism, fusing the dress and the apron in the back was a little tricky because of the long over/under areas where the apron end.

You can also see the locking post poking out of the apron in one of the shots, but the post and lock will be 100% alpha when the “chest pocket” is closed.

There are a few “problem areas” where the body poke through, I will fix those later once this draft model is finished and I can start cleaning it up, ideally, I want to get as close to the avatar mesh as possible, it will help with rigging.

Some more “all layer” updates

I’ve been spacing out the news cause I thought there was no point in filling this blog with “a new update” every day on what is essentially sorts of “reeditions”.

So here is some more: The lycra catsuits and the kriss kross catsuit, including new gorgeous pictures 🙂

Buckled latex corset update

Again, same as the two previous news, you can get all layers on the buckled latex corset.

Enjoy while i keep working 🙂

Another small update

Updated pictures and availability on all layers for the Delilah Corset, also now listed properly on XstreetSL, as for the base catsuit, the update is free and you jsut have to ask for it.

Small update for the basic catsuit

Okay I spent the better part of the day refreshing stuffs about the basic latex catsuit, it’s now going SL wide from:




There is a reason for this change, now the basic catsuit is provided with every layers included.

That’s right, gloves shirt pants undershirt underpants, etc… even the new “tatoo” layer!

It is also now on xstreet/marketplace and it includes the transparent ones which initially where only available directly at the dead realm shop.

Of course, for those who already have these catsuits you don’t HAVE to re buy them to get the new layers (you can if you want, wupport is always apreciated) simply send me back your catsuit, and write me a nice little notecard.

Or simply catch me when i’m online and i will do the exchange immediately, or well.. nearly immediately.

I also redid the arts for the vendors and XStreet , I didn’t remember that the old ones where so unappealing…

This is muuch better.

Working on a new shop layout

Sneak peek at my eventual new shop design for dead realm, a bit more conservative, yes but the old one was getting clumsy and crowded.

I am on the SecondLife Marketplace !

As usual, filling out those forms and stuffs is a pain in the ass, especially if you want to put proper translations for your products, I can only write properly in french and english, so i filled out German Japanese and Portuguese using google translation… So don’t blame me for the crappy translations 🙂

My opinion of the thing? I like the layout, I like the “related products” footer that’s really nice when you have objects that are part of a while serie or are compatible with eachothers, but i wish it was more convenient , like you could add objects to a “group” and all the members of this group are automatically cycled in the related products. As it stands right now you can only add 8 products (all are visible on the footer) and you have to do it for each and every products.

Right now I won’t add all my colored products because they have a “coming soon” feature that will handle multiple variations of a same item as one, and I do not want to make any extra work on this one.

I’m thinking about dropping the other marketplaces, excepted for freebies, because that’s basically the only thing i ever “Sell” on them. SOmehow peoples browse or Meta-life, but they never have money to spend.

On this point i guess LindenLabs kinda got what they wanted, with their ability to integrate their online shopping experience directly into SecondLife, they pretty much push any competitor out.

Linden Labs… has never anybody taught you that in an economic system, self imposed monopolies tend to be kind of BAD?

Oh well, when you are judge and party things tend to be a bit skewed in your own favor i suppose.

Preparing my return on Xstreet … or is it the marketplace?

Soo, basically the experience i had with the other merchand sites wasn’t really a success, updating 4 sites at the same time is really daunting , and it appears the only things I sell there are the few freebies I offer.

So i’m getting ready for the painful task of getting back all my stuffs on xstreet, and considering it’s becoming the de facto place for shopping in sl (not quite yet beating inworld sales but well…) i’m going to make a real effort this time.

Well aparently it’s a good thing that i’m kind of a slow person, LL decided they would scrape Xstreet for a new system.

Work in progress, isolation noise protectors.

As part of one of my little project AND as a future, soon to be nice and handy RLV enabled item, here are a few early shots of my isolation noise protectors.

  • Worn without my RLV activator they are pretty and fashionable 😀
  • Worn with the activator on a RLV enabled client, they will block all text messages coming to you, the small button allow to toggle reception of Instant messages.
  • The large button toggle the builtin “microphone” that allow your domme, or someone else to temporarly give you back your “hearing”, I say temporarly because it will only last for so long, the little lights ticking down around the button will automatically turn off the microphone if no chat is heard for 30 seconds ( and your own doesn’t count :D)
  • Oh yeah, it’s made so you can’t manipulate it yourself 🙂

Not quite finished, but sooooon 🙂 in an isolation pod near you.

ALso, i might make a more “compact” model for those who prefere discrete earplugs.

Touchbound V3 Released

This update concern the following objects:

  • Lined chrome ankle cuffs.
  • Lined chrome wrist cuffs.
  • Lined chrome collar.

The updated items should be automatically sent the next time you attach them.

Summary of the update:

  • [Chrome ankle cuffs] fixed: Leg animations not halted when sitting.
  • [Base system] fixed: Wrong key is sent when reporting a detach
  • [Base system] updated: Implement llSetPrimitiveParamsFast.
  • [Base system] fixed: Using a key on an unlocked item return the wrong info text

As usual, please report any problems to the KDC bugtracker . And remember to have fun 🙂

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