Work in progress, isolation noise protectors.

As part of one of my little project AND as a future, soon to be nice and handy RLV enabled item, here are a few early shots of my isolation noise protectors.

  • Worn without my RLV activator they are pretty and fashionable 😀
  • Worn with the activator on a RLV enabled client, they will block all text messages coming to you, the small button allow to toggle reception of Instant messages.
  • The large button toggle the builtin “microphone” that allow your domme, or someone else to temporarly give you back your “hearing”, I say temporarly because it will only last for so long, the little lights ticking down around the button will automatically turn off the microphone if no chat is heard for 30 seconds ( and your own doesn’t count :D)
  • Oh yeah, it’s made so you can’t manipulate it yourself 🙂

Not quite finished, but sooooon 🙂 in an isolation pod near you.

ALso, i might make a more “compact” model for those who prefere discrete earplugs.

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