I am on the SecondLife Marketplace !

As usual, filling out those forms and stuffs is a pain in the ass, especially if you want to put proper translations for your products, I can only write properly in french and english, so i filled out German Japanese and Portuguese using google translation… So don’t blame me for the crappy translations 🙂

My opinion of the thing? I like the layout, I like the “related products” footer that’s really nice when you have objects that are part of a while serie or are compatible with eachothers, but i wish it was more convenient , like you could add objects to a “group” and all the members of this group are automatically cycled in the related products. As it stands right now you can only add 8 products (all are visible on the footer) and you have to do it for each and every products.

Right now I won’t add all my colored products because they have a “coming soon” feature that will handle multiple variations of a same item as one, and I do not want to make any extra work on this one.

I’m thinking about dropping the other marketplaces, excepted for freebies, because that’s basically the only thing i ever “Sell” on them. SOmehow peoples browse Apez.biz or Meta-life, but they never have money to spend.

On this point i guess LindenLabs kinda got what they wanted, with their ability to integrate their online shopping experience directly into SecondLife, they pretty much push any competitor out.

Linden Labs… has never anybody taught you that in an economic system, self imposed monopolies tend to be kind of BAD?

Oh well, when you are judge and party things tend to be a bit skewed in your own favor i suppose.

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