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Sculpted prim timelock.

Good old sculpted prims, I’m really rusty when it comes to making these things >_<

It looks all right I guess. I really wish I could use regular meshs for those accessories but there is still no way to load them by UUID, so you have to make due.

I still gotta make the mesh “object” version because it needs a functional display, at least this one will be optimized.

Short term time lock, first draft.


I thought it would be a good idea to use the same form factor as the fingerprint padlock and to also keep the overall shape relatively simple, to keep the sculpted prim from becoming a mess.

Simple controls: click/hold the buttons to add/remove time, click anywhere else to use it like a regular padlock.

The things to come.

I’ve prototyped two relatively important features that I plan to integrate on the entire TouchBound product line:

  • Time release locks.
  • Non-lock accessories.

Time release locks is pretty self-explanatory, when the time that was set on the lock runs out, clicking it will detach it without requiring a key.

The accessory system on the other hand is a bit weird. It is intended to replace the system that the nipple piercings have been using for the longest time, but unified across the entire product line.

The idea is that instead of a lock you can add a “toy” (not both, sorry). Toys will still prevent detaching when used on the main lock point but they are intended to be funny or decorative accessories. They won’t really “lock” and won’t prevent drawing/removing chains either. I hope this will be a fun addition to the system.

Possible toy ideas: dog tags, decorative carabiner, naughty labels, things like that.

Anchor update

This is kind of a double update, I’ve patched the regular TouchBound anchor plate, and the suspension version.

  • The “suspension” anchor was carrying an OLD (2012!) bug that only triggered when used on more than one prim linksets. I’ve also removed unnecessary code to reduce memory use.
  • The “normal” anchor has been stripped down of most unnecessary code and functions, it’s not required to change it but you might want to consider it if you use a lot of them.

Bolts, ring texture, final mesh…

I think I have the textures at a point where they are almost 100% final, I’ve modeled the bolts, and separated everything, the bolts also have an extra “layer” on their surface that I want to use for “sealing” them, more about this (much) later ^_^.

The texture usage seem very reasonable for this many parts, I’m not sure how in-depth the “animations” are going to be when it is “assembled”, but I’m not there yet.

Someone also requested a square-shaped ring so I still have to model & texture that but it should be fairly quick.


Unwrap, bake again, and inworld test!

Way too much time was wasted unwrapping this (two whole work days!) but I’m finally satisfied with it! So I did a quick and dirty texture bake again and figured out it was time for an in-world test 🙂

Another test bake

This is like the 3rd time I unwrap this object and I forgot the logo again (every project it seem).

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but at least you get to see a more “complete” picture (I also don’t know why I have rendering glitches left and right).

Early bake test

It could have been worse.

I just discovered that Blender Cycle doesn’t like models with edited normals, and as it turns out it’s also not what I used on the headcage (but I thought…) so I made a kind of compromise by rendering it twice, and mixing the two diffuse maps.

The headcage material doesn’t work too well on its own on something that doesn’t have a lot of surface detail, and the normal map doesn’t bake properly with the new material, but mixing both gives me a relatively “nice” result.

I gotta make the final set of UVs now.

Low polygon collar stuff

One thing does bother me: these 10 sides bolt holes seem just a little too visible. But I’ve been a dum dum and it’s how many sides they have on the high-poly.

16 sides would probably be better but it’s going to be annoying to fix.

Not much progress to show.

Not much to show, I’ve cleaned up all the holes, because well, the whole “CAD” approach doesn’t make for very nice and precise holes when it involve boolean operations (who would have known!).

I’ve cleaned up most of the hard edges and fixed things that didn’t play nice with the subdivision modifier.

I haven’t done much more on the dirt mask but I do like it as it is, I might still introduce a little bit of chipping and scratching if it turns out that this is not enough after the first bake test.

On the lowpoly model side, I was HOPING to have something to show yesterday but I wasn’t in the greatest mood and MIGHT have scrapped it at least 3 times…

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