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Isolation headphones update.

I know, I’m shocked too!

Joke aside, this isn’t the big update I was hoping to release for those but it contains a few important changes:

  • FIXED: Tiny bug with the IM blocking flag not being picked up.
  • FIXED: Fixes a naming issue still refering to a “collar”.
  • FIXED: RLV emote truncation bug.
  • ADDED: Configuration entry to display a hovertext informing others that the headphone wearer can/cannot hear local chat.
  • CHANGED: The IM blocking bypass is now “DISABLE_IM_BLOCKING=YES” (Oh yeah it was a bit of a secret for a while?)

You should receive the update soon-ish, if not, message me inworld!

More work on the new collar!

On the menu today:

  • Slimmed down the edge trims to be more “in line” with what I had in mind.
  • Much bigger leash ring. (bigger is cuter)
  • Sturdier hinge & pin. (making it seamless was a pain with the modeling method I’m trying)
  • Metal and edge wear tests. (I think it’s just too much but some discrete edge would give it some personality)

I would like those screw holes in the collar to be a litle less sharp, but the model has a tendency to explode 😀

A new collar project thing.

I’ve played a bit with some interesting modeling methods I discovered during my break.

The idea of this collar is that it’s going to use threaded bolts instead of padlocks for locking, and it is constructed in such a way that you have to “lock” it to get a leash ring (the ring is attached to the mending plate on front) and unlocking it will effectively get rid of that ring. Quirky, I know.

  • Picture 1 was the initial design but I’ve widened the edges and made them a bit more rounded.
  • Pictures 4-5-6 show how it looks unlocked, partially and fully bolted.
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