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Practice welding

The last time I’ve actually done any welding was back in the 3DsMax days, completely different method here but the results aren’t too bad.

Stumbling around designs.

Sorry for the picture dump.

I ended up ditching the mouth gate because I don’t think it will look right with cage bars going all around.

I’ve also offset the hinge so it makes more sense mechanically and added a ring to it. I’ve re-imported the lock and padlock shroud and they fit just right (with a few minor adjustments).

I’ve also toyed with various designs for the ring on top of the cage since it is ment to work for suspensions. A popular vote decided that the last one was the one that made the most sense.

Headcage project!

I started this today, I spent a lot of time on the collar section to get it close to how I’ve made my metal collar so that the heavy-duty padlocks will fit the same way. There is a bit of a clearance issue if I want to keep the cage bars dead center on the collar piece.

I kinda want this little mouth gate but I’m not entirely sure how functional it is actually going to be, unless I cover the entire cage with a light bar mesh. I mean the wearer could just shift the cage around to an unobstructed set of bars, unless I make it so tight that your nose prevents you from doing that. But then that’s gonna cause issue with hairs…

Nothing is set in stone yet…

School project

Yeah this is one of “those” pet projects that no one cares about 🙂

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a slight rework of the dead realm ground level to build a little japanese themed village. I’m trying to avoid being horribly clichĂ© but still… I started with the school… obviously.

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I started SecondLife in 2004 and created my own bdsm fetish virtual products under the name KDC. I'm also a php/mysql programmer, 3D artist and game designer.

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