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Corset outfit update!

I started the day with the idea of using kind of a “3-way buckle” thing to connect everything together but it looked weird and didn’t match the O-rings used on the corset so I scrapped them and ended up with this result after a few hours. The shorts/legs will also have keepers to hold the straps, I just haven’t made them yet.

I wonder if the shorts are a little too juicy now…

The KDC Classic Wire Muzzle is out!

This was a quick project but it gave me a little breather from the corset outfit for this week. It is basically an alternate mesh wire muzzle built on the Classic Leather Pet Muzzle harness. It offers a clearer view of the wearer and a “leaner” look for those who prefer that.

As usual you can find it on the SecondLife Marketplace and the KDC Main Shop.

Slight distraction

I wanted to make a wiremesh version…

Shorts, garters, zips and more creases.

Overall, some progress towards the final version and ANOTHER creasing attempt which I don’t think I’ll keep.

More details?

This doesn’t look like much but it was a bitch to make this detail junction look right. This should give me enough space to rivet some cool garters 😛

I didn’t have much time and my sleep cycle is all messed up again, sorry!

Buckles & flesh

All front buckles done and I’ve been tightening the corset to get a bit of flesh “pinching” all around. I think it’s improving the look quite a bit.

Surface detailing underway.

Lots of pictures today, I know, i wanted to show some good progress.

Also as a bonus, some very promising creasing tests. Not final because I’d rather get all the corset parts done first.

Started a patreon account for my game project.

This is probably premature but worst case scenario: it gives me a place to post updates rather than spamming friends individually with images.

Oh yeah, I’m making a video game by the way. I’ve also put a link on the sidebar.

It’s a side project so don’t expect daily updates or anything like that.

More shape refinement & piping placement.

This might not look like much but after drawing a few 2D mockups I ended up reshaping the corset again, trying to get the right “feel” is quite a pain, I adjusted the waistline some more and narrowed down the sides again. Those pictures are the result for today.

Oh yeah also added the zip channel on the lower body.

Some work, the upper body.

I’ve been suffering from some pretty bad headaches for the past two days, but I still got some work done.

Don’t take this as face value, it really is a “shell” in need of a lot of detailing.

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