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The KDC Doodles & Strikes – for avatar 2.0 is OUT!

One month! It took me one month to do this thing, but it’s finally out!

Thanks to Asami for helping for this product picture 😀


As usual, you can pick it up from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace, Enjoy!

20 something doodles for body writing.

I swear someone is going to accuse me of click baiting with those pictures.

I swear it’s the fault of this project and I won’t do it again once I’m done with it.

What remains on the to-do list: The Japanese writings, and I would also like at least 1 or more area specific doodle for each area.

A few more doodles and some hired help variation ideas

It turns out I still had some bugs in the body doodle code, related to page navigation, so I only had the time to add 3 or so doodles from my list (boy toy/rape me/lick me to name them). I also had to waste a bunch of time on a few Linux related problems.

Overnight I came up with those two variations for the Hired Help uniform, but I don’t really know if it is worth completing for release (who care about these really?).

Bust sizes complete!

If you’ve never worked with avatar 2.0, chest size comes in a 4 sizes solution: Flat, small, normal, large. It’s usually what stops a lot of creators from supporting this body properly, but it isn’t THAT bad really, as long as you do your work on the normal size, you don’t have too much to do in term of adjustments.

The doodles all use the same space but I’ve adjusted the UVmapping for each chest type to account for distortion.

More drawings and “tasteful” writings

As it turns out, drawing those isn’t the longest step. Adding them into the system on the other hand takes 30-45 minutes for each drawing if it is available for all the body sections. That is something I grossly underestimated.

I drew about 20 new ones today but could only implement a handful of them.

EDIT: I aparently forgot to censor, silly me.

Stick marks done

So that’s the last “major” multi-step decal I needed to do for the whole body, I wasn’t home for a couple of days, I need to get back into it.

Japanese tally marks for the whole body!

There isn’t a “lot” of drawings that I want to make available for every single part and every single sections, but the tally marks are an exception.

Sorry for the facial expression, I couldn’t resist 🙂

Bruising and spanking

I’ve finished earlier today the data set required by all the sections of the body doodle & impact engine (let’s call it that way for now) to allow for basic slapping action.

Those animated decals take a lot of time because I have to pass them through two scripts to format them properly.

I made a set of riding crop decals but I don’t really like them so I think I will use an “artistic license” to use whip marks instead. It will look a lot better anyway.

Next step however is to add tally marks to all the body parts.

I haven’t communicated enough lately…

The past two weeks have been extremely stressful due to some RL issues that are taking a toll on my “sanity”, it’s sapping my energy and my drive and I struggle to remain somewhat productive.

Summary of the good stuff:

  • The body doodle & impact engine for avatar 2.0 is pretty much code complete, that is, the prototype has all the required features implemented and it appears to work without any bugs. I will explain what it actually consists of at some point I swear…
  • I’ve also started a “cleanup” on the documentation wiki, the translation function was a bit broken and I’m trying to make some of the illustrations clearer and to remove outdated instructions, filling up some of the missing pages too.

The KDC/ER Chrome thighs bands are (finally) out!

This was very, very much overdue. And yes those are prim cuffs, I have talked with Winter from Eclectic Randomness about us coming up with an optimized mesh version, so we will do that eventually too.

ER Chrome thighs cuffs

As usual you can pick it up from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

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