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Spade crop test upload


It actually looks better than I expected, but everything using materials usually looks great at DeBasement. For some reason SL refuses to go lower than 380 triangles for the lowest LOD so I’ll have to make a custom mesh for it.

Added a link to my mesh LOD calculator

It is in the resources section if anyone wants it.

It’s handy I swear!

Finally: a breakthrough!

After reshaping the spade to a more pleasant profile, it took me a while to decide how I was going to make the blood effect, but I’ve come up with a really nice way to do it.

It looks even nicer with some normal mapping to give the blood a little bit of thickness.


BUT… This is too much. I mean it’s a metal riding crop, not a spear!

I think I’ll make the blood overlay a lot shorter, focus on the spade and maybe 1/3rd of the stem.

A bit more “tasteful” wouldn’t you agree?

Some crop stuff

I’m making a new crop, with a bit more bite I guess.

I won’t use that hollowed out tip tho, it looks way too much like an arrowhead in my opinion.

I’m also not sure if I should accentuate the cutting edge on that spade or leave it as it is.

KDC miniATM update!

  • SETUP is now the OPTIONS menu.
  • Ledger functions moved to the OPTIONS menu.
  • Now starts in a simplified UI mode.
  • Llurls on the target picker (with 512 char limit checker).
  • Llurls on the pay window (for confirmation).
  • Corrected a bug in the countdown mode detection.
  • Corrected a text bug for the countdown/count up functions.
  • Cleaned up some UI consistency issues.
  • Removed some of the regionsayto.

If you wish to keep your ledger you can simply replace the other scripts and keep the same logging script (don’t forget to set the description of the miniATM to 2 if you do)

The Dead Realm manor is no more.

No one will miss it.


Door rims

So exciting.

Undercity expansion

I’ve made available two new rooms of the undercity, they aren’t fully furnished or anything yet but I figured that they where good enough to add to the currently available sections.

Face slapper update

  • One less prim.
  • Slightly lower complexity (root prim is a simple mesh cube now and textures are cleared)
  • Added several configuration switches to turn emotes on/off and disable the slapper reddening for hood users.
  • LLURL based names so people’s display names look nice and clean.
  • Fixed an error in the fading code, it should be slower now, and proportional to the amount of slaps received.

Let’s play a little game

I would like to add, maybe a dozen drawings to the KDC Doodles & Strikes, so send me your suggestions, I’ll pick the best ones and add them in the next update!

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