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Ballet boot UVs, first draft

This was tonight’s work, along with some progress on my apartment/interior project. As usual, non final UVs, but most of the important things are uncluttered and cleaned. I’m thinking about reusing the lacing and hook textures from the Amelia boots, so I haven’t moved them on the texture map. I might just re render them anyway to re-pack the UVs tighter.

I did a second optimization pass on the boots and laces and got rid of a handful of hidden faces on the hooks and laces, it’s not “much” unfortunately but it’s better than nothing, the lacing still weights 2/3rd of the boots which bothers me but that’s what I get for fully modeled laces I guess.

Here is a shot of the apartment, I gotta say making UVs for buildings is far more annoying than for wearables.



Ballet boot LPM: Good progress.

More steady progress tonight, I restarted about 3 times on the low poly model, it’s VERY similar to the Amelia one, but I think I’m gonna try to optimize it a bit more, there are areas that bother me on it. such as the back of the foot. I meant it’s okay but it could be a bit less without losing much in term of smoothness.

Uvs, Stitches, fabric, …

I tried to give a little bit of shape to the soles, vaguely reminiscent of ballet slippers, and a slight asymmetry to get a left and right shoe. I’ve also done the paneling for the spine of the boot, and added stitching and color masking.

Ballet boot progress

Again, I’m taking a few shortcuts here, I worked some more on the foot shape with Shigeko and this appears to be satisfactory.

A new project underway!

I thought that I would post a public thank you to everyone supporting KDC, and here is a picture of my new project 🙂


Looks familiar? It’s ment to be and nowhere nearly finished 😀

Shock collar update

Yes, I know “ANOTHER PATCH?”

This one fixes the RLV activation but of last week which somehow wasn’t applied on the shock collar (blame me all you want) and as an added feature, RLV gag speech from all my gags (or any gags that redirect chat on channel 100 really) will also trigger the anti-bark function.

Server migration completed!

I moved all the kdc/ethernia stuff on a brand new server, DNS entries are a little slow to update it seems. If you’re using things like my console or name2key service, there might be slight discrepancies during the next 48 hours.

If you cannot access the documentation link on the left here, the right URL is http://kdc.ethernia.not/docs/ I appear to have a slight caching issue.

The KDC Classic leather muzzle is out!

… Finally. Okay, so the way it works in practice is that, simply wearing it will not gag you: For the muzzle to work as a gag, one of the plugs has to be inserted.

It has two plugs, a filled and a hollow one. The hollow one will make you drool, while the filled one makes you harder to understand (each plug has its own garbling type). Finally, the outer cap can be placed whether you have a plug installed or not and will force you to whisper.

An interesting little feature that I’m experimenting with here is that, you can freely gag and ungag yourself, however if someone ELSE plug you, you cannot remove it yourself (but anyone else with the accessories can). Think of it as the plug/cap being too tightly fitted when it’s someone else doing it to you.

KDC-Classic Leather Muzzle

I also made a bundle pack if you want the collar, the muzzle and the blindfold (there is a little price cut too) which was really just an excuse to make a picture with the 3 items on (it looks awesoooome.)

KDC-Classic relaxation pack

As usual you can find these products in the KDC Main Store, my Secondlife Marketplace shop and also on the PrimBay. Enjoy!

Release probably won’t be today

I’m correcting a last minute texture problem, more rendering and more compositing. I also have a sound effect left to record. But otherwise the muzzle is done.

So probably no release today unless I pull an all nighter.

Inworld test successful!

For some reason i had to juggle between two clients to get the mask to upload the way i wanted it. Also my lighting is strange, but that might just the the place I’m at.

Almost there really, now it’s time to start scripting.

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