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The EIG-2-B Stunprod is out!

Stunprod product picture

The “EIG-2-B  Elektroimpulsgerat” is a revision of the original AION stunprod specifications intended to replace the original design deployed on S-23 “Sierpinski”.

Our goal was to move from a single use design, to a reliable, self-recharging system focused on officer protection and enforcing compliance.

It features a large protective guard around a rubberized handle adorned with electrified contact strips to discourage any attacker from attempting to wrestle the EIG-2-B out of your hands.

The classic Bakelite body is sandwiched around a heavy gauge steel sheet core to enhance the rigidity and striking capability of the unit.

All the markings are in compliance with AION safety guidelines.

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main Store, or on the Second Life Marketplace. Enjoy ^^

Nasty stunprod bruises…

I think I’ve got something good going on with those nasty stunprod bruises… I’ve done my best to keep them relatively simple and stylized…

They kind of look like bug bites or a weird rash or a star map sometimes…

That’s what my references looked like and so, that’s what I went for. It looks completely overkill with the maximum 8 marks per body part, but it is there as a supported maximum… not as an invitation to fill it entirely.

This might even take a while given that the prod typically can only strike about 3 to 5 times before recharge kicks in.

I wonder if those pictures will be okay for Patreon.

Inching towards the finish line!

I had a very productive night on the stun prod!

I managed to wrap up all the animations that I needed to be done for the stun prod, the code to drive them, the holster system and the Doodle & Strikes integration.

There is now 3 striking heights, 4 idle stances (those two “over the shoulder” ones are just so precious) and one medium height “threaten” animation (when you aren’t aiming at anyone) that does a little wrist flick right as the electrodes begin sparking.

What is left to do: A HUD texture, A multi-crop HUD update for this one (at this point that’s like 3 tools that would use it, isn’t that a bit much?) and one very important texture set: the electrical bruise marks for the Doodle & Strikes system. Thankfully, a friend has given me… helpful references for this :3

Sidenote, would there be some interest for a Doodle & Strikes version that support [eL] Normal Tit Kit & [eL] Big Tit Kit?

Very little to show today

I spent a lot of time on “private” projects this week, but I’ve managed to remodel, fit & weight the Micro Bikini top to the [eL] Big Tit Kit for Avatar 2.0 (which I use occasionally). The fabric is still the same size as the other variants which makes it hilariously small on such large breasts.

I kind of like it as is, despite that.

Unless I’ve completely messed up something It looks smooth enough to upload.

The VRChat release of the KDC Lattice Cage is out!

I was hoping to be done with the VRChat version of the KDC Lattice Cage, literally yesterday but, between manuals, license, translations, redoing the textures once more and a good 5 or 6 attempts at an improved re-capture logic… I literally just finished now.

Feature wise it is really stripped down compared to the one I have in SL, but I am proud of what I have achieved so far: It has sounds, animations, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I believe the respawn/rejoin “re-capture” function is something I have not seen on VRChat yet. Maybe there is a reason (like it being against the Terms of Service? I doubt it) or maybe there isn’t.

This is a bit more niche than usual obviously since you kinda have to build it into a world, (which is not a small task). But I hope that at least some people will like it.

I’ve also published a demo world where you can see it in action!

As usual for VRChat assets, head over to if interested.

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