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Some kind of chin rest?

I should have posted this yesterday but I’m doing this quickly as I have a train to catch in about 30 minutes.

The first picture was my initial attempt at getting the shape I wanted, making the chin rest fully integrated with the collar stem. Not as interesting as I had hoped. Picture 2 and 3 show the chin rest as a separate piece, and in the 3rd picture I also got rid of the down curve at the base of the neck that was initially in the first picture. The base is also much wide, which allows me to make it ride down on the clavicles at the cost of a slightly pronounced “cone shape”. I’m probably gonna have to get the top edge to “cup” the base of the skull more if I want the effect to look right.

It is progressing a LOT slower than I had hoped but it seems that I spend most of my time poking semi randomly at the base shape to try to make it better.

This is a shit work update but it will do.

As i mentioned before I think, I’ve been dragging my feet and dreading to actually start working on this new collar project. I’m not sure what it will or should look like in the end, and i spent a little while brainstorming how to accommodate the built-in chin rest that I want to have on it, and the number two attachment after collars: Gags.

Gags all (almost) use the express_open_mouth face morph, so at least it will be standard. I know that KaS’s approach is to have two versions of the collar, but I didn’t want to do this. I pondered about a mobile chin cup that could rotate, but I hate this idea too because I’d prefer it to be an integral part of the collar structure. It struck me today that all I really had to do was to use two neck poses, one for closed and one for open mouths (looking a few degrees up basically). Simple, yet I was oblivious to the solution the entire time.

Now to the design itself, I will probably go for tapered sides and IF possible a vertical front, in my head, this needs to be a fairly imposing piece, more than the Classic posture collar (altho I’m not sure how much more) with the chin cup jutting out horizontally in a slight, half-pipe shape (open at the end) with some generous padding everywhere. A very restrictive, yet comfortable looking piece basically.

EDIT: Why do I always forget to spellcheck myself?

And another round…

More products converted to the new updater!

  • KDC Vacuum system
  • KDC Laminated wrist cuffs
  • KDC Isolation headset
  • KDC Rubber bit
  • KDC Western metal bar bit
  • KDC Split metal bit
  • KDC Liverpool split metal bit

Since the update process for the Vacuum system is manual I really encourage those who got it to run the updater so that they can receive the new one. Your rezzed Vacuuming setups don’t need to be changed as the product itself is identical.

A few more updates

I’ve moved the following products to the new update system so you should be prompted to update today or tomorrow:

  • KDC Knee high pony boots.
  • KDC Lined chrome elbow cuffs.
  • KDC Paw Mitts.
  • KDC PonyPlay bridle.
  • KDC Spoon bit.
  • KDC Wasp gas-mask.

Some of them also received core code update which fixes a few mild issues. Enjoy 🙂

Small ponyplay bit update

I’ve moved the following products to the new update system so you should be prompted to update to v28 today or tomorrow:

  • Classic metal bar bit
  • Classic rubber Bit
  • Classic split metal bit
  • Classic spoon bit

Happy birthday me

Yep, today, 33 years on this god forsaken planet 🙂

Some (mild) celebration is in order I suppose.

New release! KDC Classic leather blindfold

Well, I decided to bite the bullet and go on with the release of the newest member in the “classic” TouchBound collection 🙂 It features a mechanic similar to how my gags and bits work. That is, you can toggle it on and off with an adjustable position for each state. It also features my new “Hudless” partial blinding RLV setup (Thanks to Noel Loordes for putting me on the right track) and an improved effect for RLV 2.9 compatible viewers.


As usual, you can pick it up at KDC’s main shop, the SecondLife Marketplace, and also on the PrimBay.

Enjoy 🙂


I should have release the blindfold last week, but there is a little issue with some viewers where the effect get “stuck” if you try to remove the blindfold after changing region. I have tried for a few days to find some kind of workaround but nothing appears to work beside resetting it manually (viewer sun settings). I am torn because I can either wait for a viewer patch or just “ignore” it release anyway and put a note about it in the manual.

Decisions, decisions…

All the codes.

I finished compositing the textures over the weekend and also a little bit of Monday. I also got the basic aspects of the script working and spent most of Tuesday working on an RLV enabled blindfold effect. I might have found one that I like and it looks even better with RLV 2.9 (which is only supported by Marine’s viewer at the moment I believe?). I have a fallback version for earlier versions of RLV.

Small issue tho, if you aren’t running advanced lighting+ambient occlusion, you won’t really see “much”. But maybe that’s what you want from a blindfold after all? Here are a few examples, I’m still trying to find a color “mood” that work well for multiple viewers and isn’t too bright.

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