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This is a shit work update but it will do.

As i mentioned before I think, I’ve been dragging my feet and dreading to actually start working on this new collar project. I’m not sure what it will or should look like in the end, and i spent a little while brainstorming how to accommodate the built-in chin rest that I want to have on it, and the number two attachment after collars: Gags.

Gags all (almost) use the express_open_mouth face morph, so at least it will be standard. I know that KaS’s approach is to have two versions of the collar, but I didn’t want to do this. I pondered about a mobile chin cup that could rotate, but I hate this idea too because I’d prefer it to be an integral part of the collar structure. It struck me today that all I really had to do was to use two neck poses, one for closed and one for open mouths (looking a few degrees up basically). Simple, yet I was oblivious to the solution the entire time.

Now to the design itself, I will probably go for tapered sides and IF possible a vertical front, in my head, this needs to be a fairly imposing piece, more than the Classic posture collar (altho I’m not sure how much more) with the chin cup jutting out horizontally in a slight, half-pipe shape (open at the end) with some generous padding everywhere. A very restrictive, yet comfortable looking piece basically.

EDIT: Why do I always forget to spellcheck myself?

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