Some kind of chin rest?

I should have posted this yesterday but I’m doing this quickly as I have a train to catch in about 30 minutes.

The first picture was my initial attempt at getting the shape I wanted, making the chin rest fully integrated with the collar stem. Not as interesting as I had hoped. Picture 2 and 3 show the chin rest as a separate piece, and in the 3rd picture I also got rid of the down curve at the base of the neck that was initially in the first picture. The base is also much wide, which allows me to make it ride down on the clavicles at the cost of a slightly pronounced “cone shape”. I’m probably gonna have to get the top edge to “cup” the base of the skull more if I want the effect to look right.

It is progressing a LOT slower than I had hoped but it seems that I spend most of my time poking semi randomly at the base shape to try to make it better.

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