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Patch round

I just released a patch that fix the following issues:

  • FIXED: RLV TPlure restriction not always clearing when a leash is removed.
  • CHANGE: Streamlined neck freezing code for the classic leather and heavy metal collar.
  • FIXED: Mitten-ed hands detection.
  • ADDED: Running animations are now checked/applied when sitting/standing (takes a couple of seconds to kick in)
  • CHANGE: Cleaned up the mouth opening code for gags, no more mouth flexing.

And here is a list of the products that have been updated:

  • Lined chrome collar.
  • Classic leather posture collar.
  • Classic leather wrist cuffs.
  • Lined chrome wrist/elbow/ankle cuffs & thighs bands.
  • Laminated wrist & ankle cuffs.
  • Stuffed ballgag.
  • PonyPlay bridle.
  • KDC/ER Chrome collar
  • KDC/ER Chrome wrist/ankle cuffs.

Release! Metal and more metal!

Initially conceived by one of KDC’s subsidiary companies as a clamp to hold rocket thrusters on an asteroid mining spaceship, they never managed to secure the budget to design the REST of the spaceship.

But we realized that what they came up with could still be of some use…

It has all the standard TouchBound collar functions as well as neck animation (i didn’t plan to have one initially but it turned out that the collar is a little on the tall side). It’s the first product to use a “dual lock” system. Basically, it is fully compatible with standard TB locks and will use a little shroud and pin adapter to do so. Or you can use the (massive) new padlocks, but they will only work on TB products that have large metal flanges to accommodate them (which is only this collar at the moment).

And since it’s not christmas yet, i repackaged the anchor point and the leash handle for the TouchBound system in a FREE bundle! Check it out at the main KDC shop :).

As usual, you can check these products at KDC’s Main Shop, on the SecondLife Marketplace and on PrimBay

Done with the collar modeling!

Finally! I was a bit burned Friday so I decided to take Saturday/Sunday off, the weather is pretty horrible here: hot and wet. Which makes it difficult to get on with work.

Two shots today, one with the large padlock, and one with the shroud adapter for small locks. Enjoy 🙂

More progress

Okay I’ve finished the shroud and the locking pin, I can’t take a picture of them right now because I’m rendering textures (again). Here are a couple shots of the collar win diffuse and normal maps. I initially wanted to use a “pearl” finish on the metal, but it doesn’t really mark the normal map, all it does is make everything slightly noisy and basically hide the rest, so I decided that I would do without it.

I’m doing the final renders for the collar, shroud and pin for the hundredth time now, but after this, the last remaining piece is the large padlock itself.

Metal collar, soon to be done!

The collar is almost finished! All that remains is completing the padlock adapter and the large lock, which shouldn’t take very long. I might tweak the metal a bit but I’m not touching the model anymore.


Late cuff update

I’m sorry i should have posted at least on Thursday but i had to restart so many renders for the different blending maps (I have no idea why it took hours to render them). There is something very strange going on with render to texture and I had to work around it.

So here is the update, as it “might” look in SL (more or less), as expected the metal is different, so I’ll have to play with the settings until it looks right, also the welds look okay but somehow are not marking the normal map  properly, so that’s another thing I’m gonna have to figure out.

As a bonus, i included a couple of mask shots for those interested.

Things are becoming difficult with these cuffs

Making machined metal objects, while fun as long as it’s the high polygon model, becomes a headache when it comes to the low polygon model, mainly because hard edges and any angle over 45° become a problem with normal mapping. I’ve remade this low polygon model from scratch at least 4 times since Sunday. It’s looking “all right” but the welds are not coming out as nicely as i hoped. Part of it is probably due to how aggressively I’ve been on the triangle count. The model is remarkably efficient tho, 700 triangles, that’s less than a single sculpted prim…

But maybe it’s a little “too” low.

I also discovered that my weathering method doesn’t work with render to texture so I am going to  try to pre-render the different masks instead of doing them dynamically like I had planned, which means that all the high poly parts are going to need texture coordinates.

More weathering

From really crusty “I’ve been slammed against a concrete floor for 10 years” to “almost perfect” with some light aging on the sides and a shine on the edges where most of the wear happens.

Also as a little bonus, the look of my material window…

Some weathering tests

I started the work on the low polygon model but had to scrap it because… it got confusing… In the meantime here are a few weathering tests, the idea was that the metal would be slightly burnished at the edges.

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