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Now after a bit of welding…

I would say it doesn’t look as horrible as I thought it would 🙂

Welding class

I realized that I was going to need a lot more training to make model proper welds. I took last day to try various methods and these are what I came up with so far:

  1. I like the one joining the two spheres the most, mainly because it’s concave and has circle “kind of circular” weld marks (or it could be a big glob of bondo…).
  2. The tube weld is probably more realistic in term of the amount of material it’s actually using, it’s a little too straight but it should do the job too.
  3. The straight weld… kind of sucks, but it’s the one I will use the most I’m afraid, I tried to make it slightly concave too, but the circular weld marks are not very convincing. (Also way too much material obviously)


A few more shots for today

I did more cleanup on the hole but I think I’ll have to redo it again, it’s just not working out really. I made a smaller padlock, which I’m happy with, and I’ve cut a notch in the flange to accommodate the smaller padlock. I also started working on the hinge/ring combo (not much really yet) and made a shroud and pin system for using more normal padlocks. I still need to work on my welds.

Heavy metal

While i do like the musical genre in general, this has nothing to do with electric guitar solos and long hairs:)

I started working on a new set of cuffs with more of a “solid” dungeon vibe to it. I’m going for a heavy metal look. Possibly steel or aluminum? I haven’t decided yet. The big straight shackle padlock is there for size reference, but I might use it too.

Actually I’m starting to wonder if this lock isn’t a little big, maybe i got all my proportions wrong 😀

KDC Universal Nameplate

Sorry for the lack of updates, this project being mostly script based there wasn’t much “updates” to show off.

The universal nameplate is a flexible scripted attachment that can display up to 128 characters over 4 lines. Whether you simply want to put your name/function on it for roleplay purpose, or for more creative uses.

It uses an innovative text display system that use very little prims (or L.I) and render sharp and properly spaced letters on modern viewers.

As usual, you can pick it up from the Secondlife Marketplace, the Main KDC shop in Dead Realm or from the PrimBay.

It works finally!

I finally got the text to display properly, auto centered (not in this picture apparently :o), auto scaled, up to two lines and up to 32 characters per line 😀


NameTag world in progress

I decided to start working on a small project this week which is proving to be surprisingly difficult. It doesn’t look like much but there is a lot of math and code involved to get all the letter spaces right and the text centered. It work but is limited to 8 characters (the greatest amount of faces you can have on a single text mesh). Now come the difficult part, my goal is to be able to use up to 32 characters on a single line. It’s a little overkill, but that’s the maximum length for the name of an avatar. That mean that I need to figure out how to lay my text across 4 of those textmeshs and place them automatically to make a single, seamless line of text.

I also want the text to auto scale based on its total length and have two lines. The face of the plate has a very nice normal mapp “frosted” effect. The face and the trim can even be tinted independently.

It’s deceptively simple, right?  🙂

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